3 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Brand by @THEAlishaNicole


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by Alisha Nicole | Featured Contributor

When I first wen’t into business for myself I thought that I had to focus on my shop and only my shop. While I’m a firm believer that your energy shouldn’t be spread over too many places, expanding your brand at a steady pace can be great not only for your business but for you as a person.

You Are Multi-Passionate. As a creative-preneur there are a ton of things that I am truly passionate about and over the years I have learned that it is totally fine to act on those passions. After sharing my journey and different business tips on my blog, I discovered a new passion for helping other creatives turn their hobby into a full-time business. I knew that I would regret not acting on it so I thought about exactly what I wanted to offer, put my packages together and began offering consultation services. And it has been one of the best decisions I have made this year! You were given these gifts for a reason! Don’t be afraid to act on them.

Expanding could possibly bring in multiple sources of income. I once read somewhere that millionaires often have at least 7 different sources of income. So why are you focusing all of your attention on one? If you are amazing at more than one thing, why not expand? You could create e-courses, become a consultant or mentor, start selling your products in local boutiques or maybe even starting a whole new business.

You could be reaching a whole new audience. Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to reach others outside of your current audience? Expanding into offering different products or services can be a great way to reach people that you may not have been able to reach before. Maybe you are great at selling products, some people may not be interested in the product but they would love to learn some of your sales techniques. By maybe teaching a course or writing a e-book on the topic, you have officially reached a new audience of people. Think about what people need and don’t be afraid to supply! There is power in numbers!

Expanding your brand can be a scary process but trust me it is well worth the hard work! But with any great launch you should really plan out your expansion, consider all of the pros and cons and then just go for it!

Have you recently expanded your brand? What was your experience like?


225x300picAlisha Nicole is a jewelry designer and business consultant for multi-passionate creatives. She creates dainty handmade jewelry inspired by the everyday girl and is extremely passionate about helping other creatives turn their hobby into a full-time profitable business. When not creating or helping others conquer their goals, she is running her lifestyle blog where she shares business/blogging tips, her journey as a small business owner and a peak into her daily life!

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