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by Maria Brittis | Featured Contributor

I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of clutter. I cringe when I see things laying around my house, car or office! I love a organized home! Cleaning and organizing is very therapeutic for me. If your place needs to be decluttered and you keep putting it off. My answer for you is JUST DO IT! You will feel so much better about the home and yourself.

Main Method for Decluttering

Start off in a small area, for example a closet. If you have three laundry baskets, mark them maybe, discard and keep. Once you decide what to keep or discard. Take the discarded items and donate to Good Will. If you have maybe items that you can’t bare to discard but instead of cluttering your closet put them into a box and mark on a index card what they are. Tape the card to the box. (TIP) If I have not worn the dress in 3 to 5 years its either donated or stored away.

After you have discarded all the items. Color coordinate your shirts, pants and dresses. If you have any coats hanging take those bad boys out and put them in a hall closet. Color baskets are very trending and great for items such as scarf’s, small purses or any other accessories. This will give your closet that custom look. Piece of advice for your closet. Decide right away that nothing goes into your closet unless something comes out. With that rule you will never have a cluttered closet again.


Keep the bathrooms decluttered by sorting and organizing your toiletries in small plastic baskets. This room is basically for grooming so make sure there is nothing else! Use the main concept of the three laundry baskets and have one close by so you can throw stuff out.


Free your counter tops and get that clean minimalist look! Open up all your cabinet doors and start tossing things into the three laundry baskets. Keep things you use daily and everything else that is not used donate them to your local thrift store or have a garage sale with a friend. This is a great opportunity to clean your cabinets as well.


One great thing about decluttering your bedroom is that you will get a sense of tranquility once its done. You can do this in 30 minutes or less depending on the clutter. Take one of the laundry baskets and pick up socks, newspapers, magazines, jewlery and put them in their proper homes. If you have hordes of stuff lying around you will need to do the three laundry basket method and figure which items you want to discard, keep and maybe store away for a raining day. Remember the key is to rid the stuff that you dont need.

If you find things that have sentimental value to it, then create one box for those special items.Educate your self about why you have clutter and find out what stuff you can let go and make your home a more tranquiel place.


Maria BrittisHey my name is Maria Brittis. I’m from Coastal South Carolina area. Being a mom, wife and running a successful medical practice has not been an easy task. But I enjoy the challenge. To keep things balance in life.. I do things that I feel passionate about and that is decorating and DIY.. I love decorating with nature inspired ideas and writing about it in my Blog…. Nature is a big part of who I am and it has given me a sense of peace in life when things are crazy! I walk daily a few miles a day and its the most inspiring way to get ideas for projects . I started decorating and doing DIY’s at a very young age, mainly because my mom was very talented crafty lady who inspired me to decorate and make crafty projects.

23 years ago when my husband and I was trying to sell a home in a bad economy I saw this article about staging a home and decided to stage my home to what I thought people would like. Keeping the decor simple and adding crafty inspired projects which created a WOW factor got people talking and it sold our home. Since then we have successfully bought and sold numerous homes and it has been great fun. If you have any questions about DIY ideas for the home,  design/build or staging home. I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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