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Three Incredible Best Practices That Will Help You Become Successful by @lisaillman


by Lisa Illman | Featured Contributor As I look back on the past five years, I can identify key practices that significantly improved my results in my personal and business growth. To list all would be grueling, so I handpicked a few of my favorites! Carry a Journal This is such an easy and important step…

Finding Customers That Want To Pay Full Price.

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by Andrew McDermott | Featured Contributor Apple announced the iPhone 5. And customers were eager and excited to pre-order their phones. Shortly afterwards Apple announced that pre-orders of their iPhone 5 had topped 2 million in just 24 hours. And the amazing part of their story? Not one of their customers haggled for a better…

3 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship by @prolificliving

by Farnoosh Brock “Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.” ~Dan Brown Somewhere around year six of my 11-year career in corporate, something started to go wrong. I started to feel dissatisfied, bored, unchallenged, frustrated and plain miserable. Let’s just say that was odd for the ambitious, enthusiastic in-love-with-corporate gal that I used to…

3 Steps To Working Smarter Instead Of Harder by @SheilaViers


by Sheila Viers | Featured Contributor The American Dream. We all know of it. Most of us have seen the movie with Will Smith and his son, where through his determination, sweat, and tears he succeeds in creating a life of financial abundance for himself and his family. If you remember, the movie was called…

How to Shine in a Media Interview: 6 Tips for Success by @wsrapport


by Karima Mariama-Arthur | Featured Contributor If you’re preparing for a media interview (to include newspaper, radio, or television), there are 6 key things you need to know if you want to shine—I mean really shine—during your big debut. There are numerous opportunities for media coaching and if you have the time and budget, I…

Be Selfless, Not Selfish: Take a Break by @ArtistThink

Be Selfless, Not Selfish (1)

by Carrie Brummer | Featured Contributor One of the largest obstacles I hear from people interested in trying the arts is a lack of time. They are wrong. It’s not that we don’t have free time, it’s how we choose to use it that’s the problem. We feel guilty and selfish if we take time for…

7 Steps to Your Website Optin Flow by @SimplifyWebsite


by Kristal Reagan | Featured Contributor You have a website and you need your target market to find it. Let’s say you have a website you love, your clients love and even Google loves, is that enough? We’ve all heard this phrase, “Build it and they will come” but that’s just not true in online business….

Boost Your Business with a 30-Day Challenge by @DIYMFA

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by Gabriela Pereira | Featured Contributor Marketers and business owners run online challenges all the time. The Simple Green Smoothie ladies run a smoothie-a-day challenge. Nathalie Lussier and PJ Van Hull each run their own list-building challenges. And then there’s the famous writing challenge that takes place each November:  NaNoWriMo. I knew challenges like these were…

Get Your Business Holiday Ready – Now! by @bright_smith


by Kia Howey Dolby | Featured Contributor Let me start by saying that the holiday season freaks me out a little bit. I always feel a lot of stress from the obligations, financial commitments, and preparation that come with the season. Add to that the challenges of keeping a business thriving during this season, and…

What A National Tour Can Do For Your Business by @VRFreeney

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by Vernetta R. Freeney | Featured Contributor Last month we discussed the highs, lows and uh ohs of creating a tour. Now that you understand possible scenarios that could take place its time to focus on the added value a national tour can bring to your current business. If you are looking for new ways…