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Women Aren’t Good at Getting Customers

Do not fear failure

by Andrew McDermott | Featured Contributor It’s 2004. Rachel and I have decided to start our own business and my aunt was completely and totally against the idea of Rachel marketing to new customers. “Women just aren’t good at getting customers.” after sitting me down. “If you allow Rachel to do this, the men you…

Get A Better Online Reputation in 8 (Free!) Steps by @OlyviaMedia

Get a better online reputation in 8 free steps

  By Erika Madden | Featured Contributor From carefully crafting your perfectly-positioned prices to the late nights you’ve spent tweaking your website, you’ve worked hard to nurture your business into something profitable. But if you don’t devote the same care to watching over your online reputation, all of your painstaking work could prove fruitless. The reality is that it…

Are You Using Your Superhero Power? by @MonicaRicci

super powers

by Monica Ricci | Featured Contributor Did you know you possess a superhero power? We all do! Thanks to my superhero power, I was able to enjoy a wonderful weekend doing exactly what I wanted to do with exactly the people I wanted to be with. My superhero power also allowed me to get a…

3 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Brand by @THEAlishaNicole


image source by Alisha Nicole | Featured Contributor When I first wen’t into business for myself I thought that I had to focus on my shop and only my shop. While I’m a firm believer that your energy shouldn’t be spread over too many places, expanding your brand at a steady pace can be great…

5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur by @adamsconsulting


by Diana Adams | Featured Contributor My mother was a single mom with three daughters. She became a successful entrepreneur out of necessity. I remember the bathroom in the back of her retail store. She converted it into a “homework room” so we could be with her after school and finish our homework at the…

Entrepreneurship and Business, Sales & Marketing, Personal Branding by @eleanorbeaton

Photo Credit: Harald Groven via Compfight cc

by Eleanor Beaton   Five Seconds. That’s about how much time it takes for someone you’ve just met to decide whether or not she can trust you. Which means that by the time you’ve said your name, started your talk, or launched into your presentation, you’ve either won the room over or left it cold….

6 Life Lessons You Should Apply in Your Business Strategies by @TracyVides


by Tracy Vides | Featured Contributor Life often teaches us profound things in the most unexpected ways imaginable. A plane crashing into a building teaches us to tighten security at airports. The worst stock market crash of all times teaches us to think twice before taking a loan. A government whistleblower makes software companies tighten…

Stop the Productivity Killers! Stressed, Distracted and Unorganized by @lieshapetrovich


by Liesha Petrovich You’re on a tight deadline, and need to be at the top of your game. But you can’t seem to think or focus on anything. Stress is your new BFF. Why you are distracted isn’t the issue. The real issue is that life happens. And you still have to work. So you…

The Visual Social Media Fight: Instagram Versus Pinterest by #katieandjane

Pinterest Winner

by Katie McDermott and Jane Whitehead | Featured Contributor On our social media travels we’ve had many clients questioning which social media platforms they should plough most of their efforts into with many asking about the familiar ‘power three’; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Because we know that an image is worth a thousand words (or a 120%…

How to Create a Productive Workforce: The 3 As of Happy Employees by @eMakeitHappen

by Emily Worden | Featured Contributor There’s a difference between managers and leaders.  The two roles are intricately linked and complementary, but they’re not the same.  Managers plan, coordinate, and organize tasks. Leaders inspire, motivate, and influence people.  Managers are about accomplishing short-term goals, leaders are focused on long-term vision. As business owners, we often have…