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Be Selfless, Not Selfish: Take a Break by @ArtistThink

Be Selfless, Not Selfish (1)

by Carrie Brummer | Featured Contributor One of the largest obstacles I hear from people interested in trying the arts is a lack of time. They are wrong. It’s not that we don’t have free time, it’s how we choose to use it that’s the problem. We feel guilty and selfish if we take time for…

7 Steps to Your Website Optin Flow by @SimplifyWebsite


by Kristal Reagan | Featured Contributor You have a website and you need your target market to find it. Let’s say you have a website you love, your clients love and even Google loves, is that enough? We’ve all heard this phrase, “Build it and they will come” but that’s just not true in online business….

Boost Your Business with a 30-Day Challenge by @DIYMFA

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by Gabriela Pereira | Featured Contributor Marketers and business owners run online challenges all the time. The Simple Green Smoothie ladies run a smoothie-a-day challenge. Nathalie Lussier and PJ Van Hull each run their own list-building challenges. And then there’s the famous writing challenge that takes place each November:  NaNoWriMo. I knew challenges like these were…

Get Your Business Holiday Ready – Now! by @bright_smith


by Kia Howey Dolby | Featured Contributor Let me start by saying that the holiday season freaks me out a little bit. I always feel a lot of stress from the obligations, financial commitments, and preparation that come with the season. Add to that the challenges of keeping a business thriving during this season, and…

What A National Tour Can Do For Your Business by @VRFreeney

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by Vernetta R. Freeney | Featured Contributor Last month we discussed the highs, lows and uh ohs of creating a tour. Now that you understand possible scenarios that could take place its time to focus on the added value a national tour can bring to your current business. If you are looking for new ways…

3 Ways To Get The Right Help For Your Small Business by @yolandafacio

working women

Yolanda A. Facio | Featured Contributor The fastest way to lose money, when working with outside help, is to give your outside help the wrong things to work on. If you want to make sure that your outside help, virtual assistant, marketing consultant, or even web designer is providing consistently productive help, you need to…

7 Ways to Be More Influential by @eMakeitHappen

Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

by Emily Worden | Featured Contributor  When I say “influence,” what words come to mind? I think of persuasion, leadership, magnetism, and power. I believe when you’re influential, you easily command attention and people handily agree with you. That’s actually only half the definition. In truth, influence isn’t so much about convincing people you’re right,…

Start A Business: 63 Things To Do In Your First 100 Days by @adamsconsulting


by Diana Adams | Featured Contributor When I started my business over a decade ago, I jumped in without thinking about the details. Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of being detailed-oriented. One of the most daunting tasks every new entrepreneur faces is remembering all the things to do when starting a business. I…

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish by @cluttershrink

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish

by Crystal Sabalaske | Featured Contributor I admit it. I am a professional organizer who has been in business for over twelve years, and until recently, I have avoided stepping out of my comfort zone to hire any outside help. My personality and profession demand a certain level of control. To give up control would be…

3 Classy Ways to Prevent Negative Online Reviews From Ruining Your Reputation by @OlyviaMedia

Three Classy Ways to Prevent Negative Online Reviews from Ruining Your Reputation

  By Erika Madden | Featured Contributor Quick: how do you protect your reputation when people leave negative online reviews about your business? Delete the reviews…if I can Do nothing and just hope for the best Fine, threaten, or sue! If these choices sound like bad news, you’re right. When it comes to shoring up your online reputation despite complaints and stinging reviews, the…