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Dealing with Conflict at Work and Beyond by @bedeliciousnow

by Tracy Goodwin Lot’s of people don’t speak their truth. What I mean by that is not that they go around lying, I don’t mean that at all. I mean, they hesitate to say their thoughts, feelings, needs and wants, the likes of that. The reasons are many but what I find is that a…

5 Confidence Crushers and How to Overcome Them by @execimpressions

confident woman

by Kara Ronin  Confidence is a capricious quality. You can start off your day bursting with energy, excited about the tasks you’re going to achieve. You feel confident, certain and powerful. Then as the day goes on, you sense a shift. You begin to feel uncertain that you can achieve those goals you set for…

Waterproof Mascara – I Am The Face Of Depression Campaign by @CasieEllison

Waterprood Mascara Face of Depression

by Casie Ellison I once went three weeks without taking a shower; wearing the same hoodie and jeans to work every single day. I was helpless, hopeless, felt worthless, and beginning my very long battle with the monster called depression. I allowed depression to beat my self-esteem from confident to non-existent. I almost lost my…

How to Get Higher Conversions from Your Emails and Marketing

Christine Kane

In business, the number “one” is considered a bad number. One is bad number in your business when you only have one person on your team. It’s a bad number when your only product fails on its latest launch.  Or when your ONE client gets hit with a disaster and has to stop being your…

The Art of Intuition in your Soul Business by @_StyleMystic

Photo Credit: happykiddo via Compfight cc

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” – Frank Capra by Amy Javier While we all have an inner knowing and inner guidance system, most of us don’t use it. If we were all going by what our inner guidance is telling us to do for at least 70% of our lifes decisions..we…

5 Tips For Managing Income When Taking Time Off For Parental Leave by @MollyMersonMFT

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by Molly Merson MFT | Featured Contributor You’re a successful woman who’s put her creative energy into her work, her education, her imagination and action. You’ve had plenty of kids already—in the form of employees, clients, and people you mentor. People look up to you. You’re appreciated and respected. But when you’re someone like me,…

Is ‘I’m Busy’ the Socially Acceptable Way of Saying ‘Eff You?’ by @mariedelcioppo

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by Marie Delcioppo Back in December 2013, the poo hit the fan in my little world. I had been soooo busy and soooo stressed for soooo long that I wound up soooo in the hospital with extreme exhaustion. Since then, I have become very aware of others and my own busy-ness, and there are two…

What Does It Really Take To Be An Expert? by @MetNightOwl

What does it take to be an expert

by Mallie Toth Rydzik Think of someone you know and respect. This could be a friend, teacher, writer, or celebrity. In your head, you should be picturing someone who is great at what she does—someone you would go to if you had a problem in her area of expertise. I’m thinking of my hair stylist….

3 No-Fail Tweaks for Boosting Your Email Opt-In Rates by @SonjaJobson

boost email opt-in

by Sonja Jobson What if I told you that you were losing potential email subscribers right this very minute? That, as you’re reading this, a perfectly suitable subscriber just left your website without opting in for emails? If you understand how much money a quality email list can add to your bottom line, then you’d…

Why You’ll Find Your True Happiness as an Entrepreneur in the Most Unlikely of Places

Entrepreneur Happiness

by Lauren Lambie I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. – Robert Louis Stevenson I read this quote the other day and it reminded me about a little known and quirky fact about myself. You see, I love airports. Much to the…