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How Never Good Enough Increases Rejection

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by Rachel McDermott | Featured Contributor It was painful to watch. One of the chefs on Chopped, Chef Insecure (not his real name), was totally down on himself. He heard his Dad in his ear, “You’ll never make it. You’re not good enough.” He second and triple-guessed himself. His nerves and fears of failure were…

Be Selfless, Not Selfish: Take a Break by @ArtistThink

Be Selfless, Not Selfish (1)

by Carrie Brummer | Featured Contributor One of the largest obstacles I hear from people interested in trying the arts is a lack of time. They are wrong. It’s not that we don’t have free time, it’s how we choose to use it that’s the problem. We feel guilty and selfish if we take time for…

Banishing “Make Do” or Why That Ugly Chair Has Got To Go. by @MelindaMassie

Make Do isn't good enough, Sunshine.

by Melinda Massie | Featured Contributor I currently hear a phrase swirling around too often. This phrase does nothing but keep people stuck in their clutter. Make do. You know: This will make do until the right thing comes along. This will just have to make do until I find the time to do it…

7 Ways to Be More Influential by @eMakeitHappen

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by Emily Worden | Featured Contributor  When I say “influence,” what words come to mind? I think of persuasion, leadership, magnetism, and power. I believe when you’re influential, you easily command attention and people handily agree with you. That’s actually only half the definition. In truth, influence isn’t so much about convincing people you’re right,…

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish by @cluttershrink

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish

by Crystal Sabalaske | Featured Contributor I admit it. I am a professional organizer who has been in business for over twelve years, and until recently, I have avoided stepping out of my comfort zone to hire any outside help. My personality and profession demand a certain level of control. To give up control would be…

Empowering Intelligent, Confident, Independent Women to Take Back Their Power

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by Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW One of my passions in life is to help empower women. As women, we can sometimes have a tendency to give away our power, and then our sense of self-worth relies on other people. It relies on our parents, our partners, our children, our bosses, our friends, our hair dresser,…

Confessions of an Entrepreneur with a “Designer Lifestyle” by @DIYMFA

Portable "office" in a tote bag.

by Gabriela Pereira | Featured Contributor By all accounts, I’m living the “designer lifestyle.” I run an online business and have the flexibility to fit my work schedule around my  life. Forget about packing a suitcase, most days I run my whole business out of my purse. And as a mom who squeezes her work hours…

A Tale of Two Homes or How Design Affects Organizing by @MelindaMassie

Round library with bar,  hidden and open storage. Photo via Brants Realtors

by Melinda Massie | Featured Contributor Gather around Sunshines as I tell you a tale of two homes. Home A is spacious. On the outset everything seems like it will work in good order. Then you try to function in it. There’s barely any storage. The roof angle cuts off the tops of upstairs closets….

Can a Woman Have It All? That Depends by @hkterry1

Can a woman have it all? That depends by Heather K. Terry

by Heather K. Terry | Featured Contributor A morning news program I recently watched featured an interesting discussion about comments made by a high-powered female executive regarding balance of career and motherhood. This woman is the CEO of one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and she was so bold as to suggest…

Building Your Dream Home With Out Breaking The Bank by @simple_decor

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by Maria Brittis | Featured Contributor Dreaming of building a beautiful home, but think you can’t afford one. We’ll with a little leg work and research it can be done. You soon will discover that there are quality builders out there that will not charge a premium to build your home. Especially in a hot…