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3 Reasons Faith is a Necessary Requirement for Success by @SandraDawes

Me at my (ice storm ridden) book launch - more cupcakes for me! :)

by Sandra Dawes | Featured Contributor I often talk about faith when I speak on key elements to achieving our goals.  When I refer to faith, I don’t mean it in a religious context.  I’m talking about faith in terms of believing in ourselves and our abilities, as well as having faith that everything happens…

Banishing “Make Do” or Why That Ugly Chair Has Got To Go. by @MelindaMassie

Make Do isn't good enough, Sunshine.

by Melinda Massie | Featured Contributor I currently hear a phrase swirling around too often. This phrase does nothing but keep people stuck in their clutter. Make do. You know: This will make do until the right thing comes along. This will just have to make do until I find the time to do it…

5 Confidence Crushers and How to Overcome Them by @execimpressions

confident woman

by Kara Ronin  Confidence is a capricious quality. You can start off your day bursting with energy, excited about the tasks you’re going to achieve. You feel confident, certain and powerful. Then as the day goes on, you sense a shift. You begin to feel uncertain that you can achieve those goals you set for…

7 Ways to Be More Influential by @eMakeitHappen

Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

by Emily Worden | Featured Contributor  When I say “influence,” what words come to mind? I think of persuasion, leadership, magnetism, and power. I believe when you’re influential, you easily command attention and people handily agree with you. That’s actually only half the definition. In truth, influence isn’t so much about convincing people you’re right,…

Accountability partners come from different places by @blogformatting

Accountability partners come from different places

by Delia Rusu | Featured Contributor Wikipedia definition: “An  accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment.” Ahh, commitments… We tend to make them, but then things come in the way and we cannot always keep them. You may want to get that book written, lose those…

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish by @cluttershrink

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish

by Crystal Sabalaske | Featured Contributor I admit it. I am a professional organizer who has been in business for over twelve years, and until recently, I have avoided stepping out of my comfort zone to hire any outside help. My personality and profession demand a certain level of control. To give up control would be…

Sometimes Work Interferes With Life—It Shouldn’t Be the Other Way Around by @hkterry1

No regrets

by Heather K. Terry | Featured Contributor This past week, I’ve been busy planning an international business trip that, truth be told, I don’t really feel much like going on. Not because I don’t love the notion of just flying off to Peru, but because I have to leave my baby behind. Granted, she will…

Squirrel! How To Stay Focused in a Distracted World by @MonicaRicci


by Monica Ricci | Featured Contributor In 2009, a Robert Half study found that 51% of CIOs prohibited social media surfing at work. However, in 2011 a mere two years later, another Robert Half study found CIOs prohibiting social media at work dropped to 31%, as more companies cited social media use by employees to…

What Does It Really Take To Be An Expert? by @MetNightOwl

What does it take to be an expert

by Mallie Toth Rydzik Think of someone you know and respect. This could be a friend, teacher, writer, or celebrity. In your head, you should be picturing someone who is great at what she does—someone you would go to if you had a problem in her area of expertise. I’m thinking of my hair stylist….

Why You’ll Find Your True Happiness as an Entrepreneur in the Most Unlikely of Places

Entrepreneur Happiness

by Lauren Lambie I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. – Robert Louis Stevenson I read this quote the other day and it reminded me about a little known and quirky fact about myself. You see, I love airports. Much to the…