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Building Your Dream Home With Out Breaking The Bank by @simple_decor

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by Maria Brittis | Featured Contributor Dreaming of building a beautiful home, but think you can’t afford one. We’ll with a little leg work and research it can be done. You soon will discover that there are quality builders out there that will not charge a premium to build your home. Especially in a hot…

Why You Need to Spend More Money on Your Wardrobe by @theWardrobeCode

spend more on your wardrobe

by Nicole Longstreath  | Featured Contributor Building a wardrobe on a budget might sound appealing to bootstrapping business owners, but budget labels are killing your image. Straight up. As online business trailblazers, we’ve spent so much money on websites, graphics, coaching, business cards, conferences, retreats and everything else under the sun to help make our…

4 Easy Steps To Eliminate HIgh Cost Items in Your Business by @VizionsCon


by DeKesha C. Williams  | Featured Contributor Today a great question came across the American Express platform and it made me think of YOU first.  Small business owners have to look at cost on a daily basis because funds are limited in the beginning.   Ameer asked a great question about eliminating cost and restructuring…

3 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth by @SarupaShah

Increase your net worth - Sarupa Shah

by Sarupa Shah | Featured Contributor In heart centered discussions there is much said about net worth, wealth consciousness and prosperity. Maybe you have read about the truth that the universe is abundant? Yet from all that is read often very little is truly understood and applied and as the saying goes, it’s not what…

How to Get Through a Tax Audit by @deborahsweeney

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by Deborah Sweeney | Featured Contributor No matter how big or small the company is, there is nothing more frightening for a business than being audited. Auditors are the small business bogeymen, and everyone has a story about a friend of a friend who was hit with an audit and wound up paying out the…

How to Raise Capital for Your Small Business the Smart Way by @deborahsweeney

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by Deborah Sweeney | Featured Contributor Money is the lifeblood of business. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are or how good your idea is, if you don’t have any money, your business is dead in the water. Now, I understand that talking candidly about money can be considered a bit taboo. Income and budgets…

Take 5 Minutes To Find Out If You Should Charge More! By @KellyMcCormick_

Should You Charge More by Kelly McCormick OutSell Yourself iStock_000017192237XSmall

by Kelly McCormick | Feature Contributor Could This Be You? “I’m not making enough money!”  Who hasn’t uttered that statement once or twice? Here’s the thing. If you’re doing a lot of work, without seeing a significant increase in your bank balance, you could be undercharging. You’re Not Alone In my experience there are many…

Why Your Blog Might Not Be Converting Readers into Customers by @KellyMcormick_

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Let’s break it down. Why do many people blog? Often it’s to position themselves as an expert, drive traffic to their website, and get new business! This is a great strategy.

But here’s the reality. Most blogs don’t convert into sales. Unfortunately, most people have no idea why all their hard work isn’t paying off. That sucks.

Do You Make it Too Hard for People to Pay You?

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Do You Make it Too Hard for People to Pay You?

Now – regardless of how you feel about the politics of raising money in this way – the lesson here is important to you as a business.

People respond to definite calls to action. They respond to CLARITY.

How to Successfully Sell a Business by @DeborahSweeney


Last month, I discussed how future business owners can avoid unforeseen shocks and surprises before buying a business of their own. On the flip side of the coin is selling a business which has a series of difficulties all on its own ranging anywhere from knowing the right time to sell to finding a capable buyer and even second guessing whether or not it’s time to let go of the business just yet. Regardless of the industry your company may be in, I’ve created a step by step strategic plan on how to successfully, and carefully, sell a business with the people and tools you’ll need on your side in order to make a deal.