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How Never Good Enough Increases Rejection

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by Rachel McDermott | Featured Contributor It was painful to watch. One of the chefs on Chopped, Chef Insecure (not his real name), was totally down on himself. He heard his Dad in his ear, “You’ll never make it. You’re not good enough.” He second and triple-guessed himself. His nerves and fears of failure were…

Be Selfless, Not Selfish: Take a Break by @ArtistThink

Be Selfless, Not Selfish (1)

by Carrie Brummer | Featured Contributor One of the largest obstacles I hear from people interested in trying the arts is a lack of time. They are wrong. It’s not that we don’t have free time, it’s how we choose to use it that’s the problem. We feel guilty and selfish if we take time for…

7 Steps to Your Website Optin Flow by @SimplifyWebsite


by Kristal Reagan | Featured Contributor You have a website and you need your target market to find it. Let’s say you have a website you love, your clients love and even Google loves, is that enough? We’ve all heard this phrase, “Build it and they will come” but that’s just not true in online business….

The 80-20 Rule? More Like 90-10 for Social Media by @evassolo


by Elizabeth Vassolo | Featured Contributor Social Media is the world’s largest vanity project. Ever. Channels are flooded with people longing to have their message heard. That’s why incorporating a 90-10 approach to your social media might be just what you need to boost your efforts. So what exactly does 90-10 mean? It means, spend…

Linkedin Turns Blind Eye to Harassment and Stalking Reports. Sells Profiles. Makes Billions. by @1000Girlfriends


by Kathy Scott | Featured Contributor This is a cautionary tale for women. As a social media strategist, I am a member of just about every platform and I enthusiastically use them. Linkedin is the ONLY one where I consistently have had issues with harassment, inappropriate advances and unprofessional conduct. What’s more, Linkedin has done…

Make a Splash! by @dancinmoma

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by Pamela McCormick | Featured Contributor What creates a viral piece? What inspires YOU to share, retweet, ‘pin’ or post? For me, it’s something that hits me emotionally like ice-cold water splashing on a warm body. Ting! When I feel that ‘splash’, that inspiration, I’m driven to react. Imagine your own scenario: The rippling sounds…

Start A Business: 63 Things To Do In Your First 100 Days by @adamsconsulting


by Diana Adams | Featured Contributor When I started my business over a decade ago, I jumped in without thinking about the details. Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of being detailed-oriented. One of the most daunting tasks every new entrepreneur faces is remembering all the things to do when starting a business. I…

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish by @cluttershrink

Why I Thought Hiring Help Would Be Like Eating Shellfish

by Crystal Sabalaske | Featured Contributor I admit it. I am a professional organizer who has been in business for over twelve years, and until recently, I have avoided stepping out of my comfort zone to hire any outside help. My personality and profession demand a certain level of control. To give up control would be…

Stand Out from the Crowd 10 Tips to Make an Impact at the Office by @FiveValues

make an impact

by Rakesh Malhotra Some surprisingly typical pitfalls of a real competitive office environment involve hiding into the backdrop because of apprehension, significantly forceful colleagues, insecurity about how your opinions and ideas will be deciphered, or trouble in making yourself heard. How successful you are in the corporate world depends on your capability to create an…

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram To Grow Your Brand By @TheAlishaNicole


by Alisha Nicole | Featured Contributor I am someone who spends a ton of time using and learning the ends and outs of social media. Not just because it is border line addictive and an amazing way to connect with your target market but because it’s a FREE marketing tool! Over the past year of testing…