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3 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship by @prolificliving

by Farnoosh Brock “Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.” ~Dan Brown Somewhere around year six of my 11-year career in corporate, something started to go wrong. I started to feel dissatisfied, bored, unchallenged, frustrated and plain miserable. Let’s just say that was odd for the ambitious, enthusiastic in-love-with-corporate gal that I used to…

Sowing the Seeds to Grow Your Business by @companyofwomen

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by Anne Day | Featured Contributor Experts will tell you that you need to find your niche, and more to the point, a niche market that will pay for your product or service. And they are right, but that’s not always realistic when you are starting out. Finding customers at the beginning can be a…

7 Steps to Your Website Optin Flow by @SimplifyWebsite


by Kristal Reagan | Featured Contributor You have a website and you need your target market to find it. Let’s say you have a website you love, your clients love and even Google loves, is that enough? We’ve all heard this phrase, “Build it and they will come” but that’s just not true in online business….

What Does It Really Take To Be An Expert? by @MetNightOwl

What does it take to be an expert

by Mallie Toth Rydzik Think of someone you know and respect. This could be a friend, teacher, writer, or celebrity. In your head, you should be picturing someone who is great at what she does—someone you would go to if you had a problem in her area of expertise. I’m thinking of my hair stylist….

Starting A Business Is Just Like Motherhood by @companyofwomen

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by Anne Day | Featured Contributor More and more women are starting their own business, and while their reasons may vary, much is to do with gaining control over their lives, seeking a flexible lifestyle so they are better able to meet the demands of family and work. Actually, in many ways, starting a business…

5 Traits for Entrepreneurial Survival by @SandraDawes

sandra dawes

by Sandra Dawes  | Featured Contributor It’s been a year since I left my full-time job in order to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur.  The journey so far has been quite the ride!  There have been up and downs, but I have no regrets about the decision I made.  There’s nothing that has been…

6 Ways to Add Appeal to Your Website by @bright_smith

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by Kia Howey Dolby | Featured Contributor If you take a stroll through your favorite shopping center or mall, you’ll notice that retailers dress their storefront windows to entice customers  to come in. Windows are merchandised with the newest, hot items or unique finds. Vignettes and mannequins are used to create a mood and to help potential…

Entrepreneurship and Business, Sales & Marketing, Personal Branding by @eleanorbeaton

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by Eleanor Beaton   Five Seconds. That’s about how much time it takes for someone you’ve just met to decide whether or not she can trust you. Which means that by the time you’ve said your name, started your talk, or launched into your presentation, you’ve either won the room over or left it cold….

How to Create a Productive Workforce: The 3 As of Happy Employees by @eMakeitHappen

by Emily Worden | Featured Contributor There’s a difference between managers and leaders.  The two roles are intricately linked and complementary, but they’re not the same.  Managers plan, coordinate, and organize tasks. Leaders inspire, motivate, and influence people.  Managers are about accomplishing short-term goals, leaders are focused on long-term vision. As business owners, we often have…

Oprah Does This and You Should Too! by @toninelsonbiz

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by Toni Nelson Sometimes I wonder if Oprah truly realizes the lives that she touches. She is such an inspiration for so many people. When Oprah had her TV show she had a variety of guests.  Those who watched found her interview style appealing as well as informative. There’s no doubt that Oprah’s audience tuned…