11 Ways Your Small Business Can Avoid The Summer Slump [Infographic]

During summer months from June through September, 53% of workers report feeling distracted. This phenomenon is so common, it now has its own name — the summer slump.

The slump kicks into high gear as high temperatures and summer vacations become office commonplace. 25% of employees report actually feeling less productive during summer months, as they get weary and lose motivation.

Summer also marks the mid-year point, so employees who don’t have a vacation on the horizon will begin to experience burnout. Consequently, a majority of American employees report that they don’t think their employer does enough to prevent this burnout.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, your business productivity can really suffer if you don’t actively engage your employees with nontraditional leadership ideas. Thinking outside of the box will pay off in the long run, so don’t be prepared to switch up routine and take risks during summer months.

Some unconventional tips include:

  1. Increase flexibility during summer months: Consider remote work days and summer hours.
  2. Relax your in-office atmosphere to reflect the slow season: Casual dress code, pet policies, and more can help your employees relax!
  3. Ditch tradition: Consider planning weekly events you wouldn’t have time to do in fall, such as offsite meetings and team building activities.

If you do see a decline in your workers productivity this summer, don’t panic. Remember that this phenomenon is common — but start taking steps to avoid it today. Read on for 11 tips from Fundera to avoid the summer slump.


11 Ways Your Small Business Can Avoid The Summer Slump

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