20 Ways Handwriting Can Improve Your Studying by @JamieCorbyn

Technology has become a vital part of our lives. Some people believe that we don’t need handwriting anymore because modern software allows us to type or use voice input to note information and easily distribute it to numerous devices.

Note-taking apps, word processors, and other online tools have made our lives easier. Moreover, they have granted access to information to people with disabilities. However, handwriting is still an integral part of education. Also, writing has numerous benefits, including the following:

• Handwriting helps us focus on content, not form or correctness. When we write an essay or any other text using only blank paper and a pen, we let our thoughts flow without distractions.
• Handwriting adds freedom to the brainstorming process: you can circle and highlight text, for example, and you can add marks and notes where and however you want.

Want to learn more reasons to use handwriting? Check out the infographic below to discover 20 reasons why writing can be a useful tool for you.


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