3 Amazing Ways to Kick Butt from 5am-9am by @TrulyJamara!

5 Amazing Ways to Kick Butt from 5am-9am by @TrulyJamara
5 Amazing Ways to Kick Butt from 5am-9am by @TrulyJamara

by Jamara Wilson | Featured Contributor

What time do you get up in the morning? What time do you actually start your day?

Those are two different questions. Let me explain. One can get up at 7:30am but not actually start being productive until after 9am.

There are many distractions that could get in the way of us actually doing something productive. Spending too much time on social media, watching an excessive amount of television, allowing a friend to talk 10 minutes about something irrelevant, or getting lost in a group messaging app all qualify. I know because I’ve been guilty of all these things at one time or another.

I’ve learned that the early riser who is productive and discipline from the time they arise in the morning, is happy, healthy and balanced. Let’s talk about 3 amazing ways to get up at 5am and be productive the first four hours of your day.

No snoozing! Let’s go!

1) Be Selfish.

From 5am – 6am do whatever you need to do for mental, spiritual, and physical health to prepare yourself to be successful for the day. This includes exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, meditating, and or praying.  Always take time out to take care of you first. Never neglect your personal happiness and health for anything else.

Doing the things that will allow you to work with a clear mind helps you focus and ensure you are the best “you” you can be. Eating breakfast and exercising will help with your physical and mental energy for the day. You will need it!

2) React & Initiate.

From 6am – 7am begin the next hour with taking care of any personal affairs. Do things such as pay bills, make travel arrangements, or review personal financials. These things won’t need a lot of time if maintained on the regular.

Once you’ve completed that, react to the decisions of others and initiate workflows. Review your emails and respond to ones that you can provide an immediate response to. Avoid the ones that will require you to do research or calculations. Do respond to the ones that will need a response or input from someone else before you can answer.

Send any new emails that will require you to wait on the response of someone else. For example, before you can move forward with a project you need to confirm the budget or get the approval for a marketing campaign. Sequential tasks can be challenging if the previous task has to be completed by someone else. Getting a head start on requests early in your day will give the individual responsible for completion enough time to respond before you are ready to start working on that project.

Next, review your to do list for the day and see if there is anything that you need to re-prioritize based on any new communication you may have received. While reading and responding to emails, you may have received instructions that requires you to work on something that will need your attention and focus the first half of your morning. For example, something such as a RFP (request for proposal) will most likely take precedent over other things.

Keep in mind, in order to know what you have planned for today, you would’ve had to close out yesterday with preparing for today. Plan your day the evening before.

3) Eat the Frog!

From 7am – 9am the work begins! Work on the thing that will take the most of your mental energy first. The task that you don’t want to do but have to do anyway. This is a task that will take a lot of focus and the longest time to complete. Doing this at the beginning of your day, before 9am, will allow you to avoid the distractions that arise once the day has started for everyone else.

Taking care of your most complex or challenging task for the day first thing in the morning will give you motivation for the rest of your day. You will have a feeling of accomplishment and it’s only 9am!

Getting up and starting your day at 5am will put you steps ahead of the day for most people. I challenge you to wake up at 5am to begin your day 5 days out of the week and see how much of a difference it makes in your life.

Are you ready to do it?


Jamara Wilson

CEO / Founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™

Sitting outside of a bistro reading a good book or typing away on her laptop, with a cup of tea in arms reach, is where you will find this gutsy entrepreneur!

Jamara Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™. A company that helps small businesses establish efficiency through automation and organized systems using integrable applications. Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ provide clients with the confidence needed to grow their business and the time to make it happen.

You can find Jamara compartmentalizing her thoughts on her blogs.

Business Memos From a Gutsy Entrepreneur is a blog Jamara started shortly after launching her business. It’s written for fearless entrepreneurs who want to minimize failures and learn all they can to succeed as the CEO, Chief Everything Officer. His Majesty’s Favorite is an insightful and inspiration blog written to encourage self growth from a place of self actualization.

When not working, you can find Jamara dancing, traveling, spending time with friends, shopping new teas, or walking through the city pretending she’s a tourist. She aims to be in a position to give back to a large community of people in infinite ways.

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