Get Clear On You. by @LoreaSample

Get Clear On You.

by Lorea M. Sample | Featured Contributor

As an entrepreneur, I converse, learn from, study and hang out with my fair share of other entrepreneurs. Most of them are either coaches, mentors, trainers, authors and/or speakers. I have a particular knack for aspects of branding that I absolutely love. I understand like no one other what it takes to build a business and a brand from the ground up with absolutely NO MONEY so the engineer in me made it happen by starting out and doing all of my branding; graphics, web design, messaging….the whole shebang. I learned how to do it so well that other branding coaches and fellow entrepreneurs frequently asked me, “Who does your graphics?”, “Who does your product mock ups?” or complimented me with, “I love your branding!”

At first I was perplexed about the comments because I didn’t think it was a big deal. I just liked, what I liked, right? I knew what was right for me so when I created anything, visually or written, it just “felt” right. Recently, I received a message from a start up entrepreneur that I’m acquainted with and she seems to always be in the mode of trying to “get clear” on her messaging. What I realized was that she was always trying to “get clear” on her messaging because she isn’t clear on who SHE is.

If you’re the person who is always trying to gain clarity on your brand messaging in your business even after a 3 month coaching program, even after a clarity call, even after creating a vision board that you absolutely love, chances are you need to stop, get still, drown out the noise with silence, and tap in to your divine identity. Your divine identity can only be conveyed by you, but you must first tap into it, become intimate with it, and then commit to it.

Think of an uncommitted man who runs all over the place by day, but comes home to the same bed by night. Naturally, that type of man is sending mixed messages to the woman he says he loves and spends his nights with but is unable or unwilling to not see other women and just commit to the one. When a man knows who he wants, he makes it clear not just with his words, but with his actions. So it is with you, my sister entrepreneur-always-trying-to-get-clear-on-my-brand-message! Just be who you know you’ve always been. Push past the fears of rejection, acceptance, and being misunderstood and flow in your being. Embrace and become resolute in all of your you-ness and your branding and messaging will flow. Like they say, “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”. Have a clear and consistent vibe and your tribe will understand and consistently be attracted to you.

“When you’re clear you on and love yourself…..they will come.” (that’s in my Field of Dreams voice, of course)




Lorea SampleLorea M. Sample: The 411?: Grew up in Philadelphia, PA and now reside in Columbia, SC. In 2001 by a miracle, but mainly perseverance, I graduated from Clemson University and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. By day I’m an Engineer with a 10+ year career in Environmental Engineering BUT by PURPOSE I’m a Speaker & Entrepreneur in the Business of Worthiness with the mission to empower women of influence to get unstuck and accomplish more in life by UNlearning UNworthinessTM. A lot of things are learned but I help women live the UNlearned LifeTM through Speaking, Coaching, Events & Storytelling. I love kickboxing training (I’m dangerous!), running (well, kinda like jogging-walking-jogging), crocheting, participating in my local church and playing with my puppy-child, Alex, my adorable 5 year old yorkie-poo! If you wanna see how I roll on the regular, check me out on:

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4 Replies to “Get Clear On You. by @LoreaSample”

  1. Kim Headlee

    What a wonderful message for all entrepreneurs, but it really struck a chord with me as a novelist! I will be blogging about this topic on January 27th, and I’ve pulled a quote from your article that makes a lovely meme. I’ve linked to this post and have credited you in mine. 🙂

    1. Lorea Sample[ Post Author ]

      I apologize for just now responding but I am very humbled by your comments and also happy to hear that it is has inspired you to just step out and do YOU! I read your article and it was awesome! Thank You! xo

      1. Kim Headlee (@KimHeadlee)

        Oh, no, =I= get the prize for being late in replying, LOL! You are most welcome, and I will be linking back to this post in my forthcoming nonfiction book The Business of Writing, which I plan to have available as soon as possible in e-book and in print.

        1. Lorea Sample

          Oh wow! I’m so grateful that this piece has helped you on your journey!

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