5 Time-Tracking Apps For Freelancers #VZWBuzz

5 Time Tracking Apps For Freelancers

by Melissa Stewart

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Find your ideal work‑life balance. With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it’s easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. The browser extension watches over how long you spend on particular websites and web apps, while the mobile app does the same for Android devices. Desktop apps are also available. Information is gathered quietly in the background and can break it down in all kinds of ways. RescueTime is great for individual freelancers who want to know how they’re spending their time but don’t necessarily need to report back to any manager.

Price: Free for RescueTime Lite / $9 month for Premium


TopTracker allows freelancers and teams to effortlessly track their time, productivity and performance and it is completely FREE (without any version limitations). TopTracker gives you full control over what you keep track of and how often, with options including simple time tracking, screenshots, or webcam shots. Effortless Time Tracking From Any Device. Centralized View Of All Projects. Full Privacy Control For Freelancers. Detailed Productivity Reports.

Price: FREE


Schedule your hours, and you’ll spend no time tracking them. You’re already planning – whether it’s weekly, daily, or even just a few hours ahead. Move your schedule to Timely, and you will be logging hours simultaneously. Scheduling and time tracking, simultaneously. Integrates with your existing calendar. Log hours directly from your favorite calendar! Timely integrates with all major calendars, which means any event or meeting you add there will be auto-imported into Timely as estimated entries.

Price: Free for Basic / $14 month for Regular


Spend less time tracking and more time doing. Harvest is another great time-tracking option for freelancers. You can use it to track a number of different projects at the same time, even if they contain different tasks and charge different rates. One-click Time Entry: Start and stop timers with a simple the click of a button, or quickly type in your time on the weekly timesheet. When working with a team, you can assign various tasks within a project to specific team members. It’s also easy to integrate if you’re working with other apps that help with remote work, like Basecamp.

Price: Free  / $12 month for Solo / $49 month for Basic / $99 month for Business


One-click time tracking. With Toggl you track time in real time. Just launch the web app, and Toggl will ask you what you’re working on—you type in your current task and press enter or click the Start button, Toggle immediately starts timing your work. If you forget to switch it on, then enter time later on. Organize your time by projects or tags, and mark it as “billable.” Toggl is built for teams. Your entire staff will be set up and running in minutes. It’s as easy as Twitter – no training required. Start out simple, and drill deeper with user rights and project setup later on.. Toggl also has powerful reports, giving you an accurate breakdown of how you’re spending your time.

Price: Free for Basic / $5 month for Pro / $49 month for Business



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