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4 Tips For Teaching Kids Healthy Boundaries For Screen Time by @KellyWonderlin #VZWbuzz

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4 Tips For Teaching Kids Healthy Boundaries For Screen Time

by Kelly Wonderlin


When kids tune into technology they become hooked and it can be somewhat of a nightmare (sometimes) to get them to get off.

Here are 4 tips I have found helpful:

1. Set a limit:

Before you even hand your child the device, let them know exactly how much time they have on that device.

2. Set rewards:

When your child does something good, allow them the option to earn screen time on one of their favorite devices.

3. Do not let your child have screen time daily:

We are totally against daily screen time, we don’t feel it’s healthy for our kids to play iPad or watch TV every single day. Take a break from technology and unplug.

4. Be an example:

Take a look at yourself. Do YOU watch TV daily? Play the iPad too much? Are you constantly on your cell phone? Kids watch their parents like hawks. Set an example for your child.

I hope these tips helped you. Don’t forget to reach out to me on Twitter @KellyWonderlin and connect with me on Facebook at Kelly Wonderlin!

Xx. Kelly


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