Ali Brown On Women and Entrepreneurship – It’s Time to Thrive!

If you visit She Owns It regularly, you know that I love to share Ali Brown’s insightful articles. Ali Brown is one of my main go-to experts on women and entrepreneurship. You may have seen her on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Forbes’ Women to Watch list, and Inc 500! She is hosting a free series of videos on women and entrepreneurship:

During the videos, Ali shares how current opportunities are making it EASIER than ever for us to create the incomes and lives we always dreamed of.

But for most women, our STRATEGIES and ACTIONS have NOT caught up with the immense possibilities right in front of us.

In this video, she shares some fascinating stats and insights on WHY this is happening, and she reveals the simple solutions for us to THRIVE:


What she shares will help you connect back to your WHY.

Meaning, why you decided to make this leap and begin this new chapter in your life in the first place. Remember? Hmmm… oh yeah, that’s right!

The WHY.

Tip: The exercise is in the first 4 minutes. But I guarantee you won’t be able to stop watching… she shares some pretty profound stuff.

Definitely worth your time.

These videos are online and FREE for a just a week or two, so you definitely want to go there now before you forget. She even gives a cool little exercise on how to “get back to your why”, so you get re-energized anytime you need to.


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