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by Nancy Laws | Featured Contributor 

If you have been a reader of my blog in the last few months, you know that I have a bit of an obsession with apps, with a new year and the growth of the blog, I have spent the last few weeks planning a new series for the blog, and App My Life just made a lot of sense.  Especially with the success of the last post, 10 Apps That Can Earn You Money!

Between running my business, home, and everything in between, anything that helps me to simplify my life, is a welcome addition into my home, family, or phone.  There are apps for everything these days, and I am taking full advantage of the support and flexibility they offer me.


Eating healthy is hard to do when you are on the go, unless you can afford to hire someone to shop for you.  Junk food just seems a lot more accessible sometimes than healthier choices. Grocery shopping feels like another chore by the end of the work week, and something I have to get motivated to do.

With Grubmarket, it can now be done from the comfort of your desk, sofa, or bed.  This amazing app allows you to support local farms, and businesses by simplifying shopping for healthier local foods with the click of a button.

  • Discover and support amazing local businesses in your community.
  • From local farms, to certified home kitchens and restaurants, you have a lot of options, from fresh local produce to delicious, and fresh meals.
  • Everything is direct from the farm to your door. Nothing from Grubmarket comes from a warehouse shelf.


Hawaii Ahi Tuna – Sushi Grade From GrubMarket, provided by Main Street Meat and Fish Market

Grub Box

It’s really hard to find anyone these days who has not tried a subscription box of some kind.  They are an incredibly fun way to discover up and coming or established brands.  I happen to be a fan of beauty and fitness boxes, but Grubbox is ready to introduce us to some amazing food related subscription boxes.

Grubbox: Snacks
Grubbox: Snacks
  • Sustainable Meat Box
  • Sustainable Local Seafood Box
  • Wild California King Salmon Box
  • Sustainable Meat Box
  • Fresh Seafood Box
  • Organic Seasonal Fruits Box
  • Organic Snacks Box
  • Organic Seasonal Vegetables Box
  • Organic Seasonal Fruits and Veggies
  • Fresh Raw Milk
  • Seasonal Fresh Asian Vegetables
  • And More!

Simply choose your frequency, from once a week to once a month.  You decide how often you would like to receive the box of your choice.

GrubMarket For Entrepreneurs

This app not only simplifies shopping for busy entrepreneurs, or moms, but it simplifies selling for business owners. Open an online store in a matter of minutes and start providing a wider audience with fresh food.

Do you have an app that you love to use, to simplify shopping for you?  What are some features you wish shopping apps had that they don’t?


Nancy LawsNancy Laws is a virtual assistant specializing in business blog management.  Through her virtual business LawsWrites, she offers business support to Start-Ups, Bloggers, and Authors.  She has headed business operations, social media marketing, project, and blog management, from her home in OH.

Nancy has loved connecting with other Mompreneurs through her blog Afro-Chic Mompreneur.  She launched her blog, after moving from Maryland to Ohio.  She needed a way to connect with other working moms, to share tips for staying organized as a woman on the move. A blog that started as a way of reaching out and redefining herself as a business owner, mother, and wife, has turned into the go to guide for the Mompreneur.  Connecting moms with brands that help to simplify business, fashion, health, beauty, and parenting, for the mom on the go. Nancy has been featured on several sites and is currently a contributor to

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