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4 Apps I’m Loving on My Android! #VZWBuzz

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by Melissa Stewart

I like my cell phone. Maybe a little too much. Last night I got the “are you going to watch this movie or play with your phone all night” reprimand.  Jeez. Putting the phone down! In my defense it was the 4th Transformer movie so…

1. Google Analyics – My unhealthy addiction:

Why unhealthy? Well, it’s a great app for keeping up with your sites analytics on the go BUT it’s unhealthy because you can get addicted to checking it. How many now? Now? How about now? Use responsibly!

From Google Analytics:

Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your mobile device. The app has an all-new look and feel that’s optimized for phones and tablets, so you can easily get your Analytics data anytime, anywhere.


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 1.10.53 PM

2. Fitbit – My healthy addiction.

Healthy why? Duh!

From Fitbit:

The free Fitbit app is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales.


– Wirelessly SYNC your Fitbit Flex, One or Zip tracker with your Android device. See list of supported devices at
– Track your DAILY GOALS and progress over time for STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED and more
– LOG FOOD to see how many CALORIES you consume each day, and manage your WEIGHT over time
– COMPETE and compare stats with your Fitbit FRIENDS



3. Kwote

It’s no secret that I love posting quotes. Kwote is a super easy and quick way to give them some visual personality and Voilà! Kwote lets you pick a category and will generate a quote for you but I like to just clear that out and insert my own inspiration!

From Kwote:

Never be short of inspiration with Kwote’s automatic quote generator. Kwote is the fastest and easiest way to find, customize, and share beautiful quotes with the world. Sorted into 14 categories, thousands of creative curated quotes are available to choose from or stumble upon by luck! With tons customizing options such as background colors, fonts, and filters, you can ensure that your quote is entirely and uniquely your own.



4. Pocket

This one is coming in SO handy! I’m constantly finding great “stuff” and this app makes it easy peasy to just add to your “Pocket” for later. From the site:

Use Pocket to easily save articles, videos, and other web content for later. With Pocket, all your items go to one place, so you can view, organize and share them anytime, on any device, even offline.

Don’t lose track of the interesting things you find by emailing yourself links, keeping a long list of bookmarks, or simply letting tabs pile up in your browser for later. Just save them to Pocket, and they’ll be ready whenever you are.



Now these are my NEWEST addictions, not my main addiction. Twitter is still my main squeeze 🙂

NOTE: I’m part of the Verizon #VZWbuzz Lifestyle Blogger team and occasionally receive free items to review. All of the apps listed above are FREE and picked by me for me because I love them 🙂

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