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Apps to keep you organized


As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger, I’m always looking for great tips and tricks to share. This guest post from Kelly Wonderlin was a perfect fit and I had to share!

by Kelly Wonderlin

It’s not easy being a wife, mom and entrepreneur, and life get’s extremely busy when you’re trying to juggle all 3 tasks and then some. Does Avery have a doctors appointment today? Did I post my most recent blog? Is it our week with Chase? What’s my password to Amazon again? Is it date night with my husband, Mark? Addie needs to go to the Vet, did I call them already?

There are few things in life that I rely on and these apps are some of them. I use these apps daily to help keep me and my family organized. They keep me and my wonderful Wonderlin family very organized. I highly recommend them!

1) Dashlane:

Nobody has time to remember every single password. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
Whoever thought of this app is a genius. How handy is this little app to have on your cell phone when your away from your notebook or computer. All you do is download this app on your cell phone and enter your passwords. Easy Peasy!

2) Evernote:

People literally worship this organization app for keeping documents and ideas organized, I am one of many worshipers. This app does everything. The app offers simple sharing via text message, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, and Evernote’s “Web Clipper” lets you snip and save text, images, and full Web pages from your desktop or laptop computer to your account.

3) Google Calendar:

If you do not have a Google calendar I HIGHLY suggest you get one… Like now! My husband and I rely so much on this, especially when it comes to dealing with Chase Wonderlin. Chase’s birth mom divorced Mark when Chase was an infant and we have joint custody. There are times when they need Chase extra days and there are times when we need Chase extra days. No one in the world could possibly remember all that so Mark and I use the Google shared calendar to keep track of Chase’s schedule. We also use that calendar for shared events, doctors appointments, meetings, etc so we know what’s going on. It truly makes our life a breeze!

4) Flipboard:

This app creates a personalized magazine of everything important to you. It stores it in a magazine formate so you can go back and look at it anytime. It connects to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages, and links to your favorite news sources.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.04.56 PMKelly Wonderlin expanded her entrepreneurial reach coining the term, “It’s A Wonderful Wonderlin Life” & sharing it via YouTube & on her blog. Kelly Wonderlin is the Wife of Mark Wonderlin, Mom of 2, Business Woman, Blogger & Frequent contributor to 30 Second Mom. You can find Kelly doing product reviews, talking about companies she is collaborating with, making videos for a variety of companies, get an in-depth look at her family life & much more! Kelly shares a mixture of personal & business life on all of her accounts.

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