Apps vs. Traditional Cable [Infographic]

The average cost of a monthly cable subscription is on the rise, increasing on average 6 percent every year. Currently, the rate has hit $86 a month. With so many other options available, will cable television be able to hold it’s reign as the leader of content distribution. Is cable still worth it?

Now more than ever, consumers have an abundance of options for creating a custom viewing experience. No need to channel surf, or sit through irrelevant advertisements when some options offer no commercials, or very little targeted advertising. You no longer have to rely on television for news when everything is online. More and more people are opting out of cable subscriptions and saving hundreds of dollars a years.

The infographic below, by For Rent, presents a few of the popular options that consumers are vouching for over cable. It explores some of the benefits, costs and packages that these other options offer. To learn more, check it out below.


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