Are You Using Potty Based Marketing? by @toninelsonbiz

by Toni Nelson

This past weekend I attended an event at a convention center.

While there something really interesting happened and it didn’t have anything to do with the event itself.

As you can imagine with over 3500 people the line to the ladies room at times was a tad bit long. No big deal.

Even as I write this I know it’s really weird but stay with me because you are going to be glad you did.

As I closed the stall door right in front of me was a poster. All I remembered was seeing the word “strain” and I thought they must be advertising some kind of laxative so I ignored it.

The next day I went into a different stall and there it was again! A Poster that said something like: “Don’t strain we have your marketing solutions.” I told my husband Tom I thought that was pretty clever. They were using Potty Based Marketing.

On the second day I was directed to a different area of the convention center and once again as I closed the stall I saw a poster. Only this time the poster said, “Relieve yourself from bad advertising.” Ok, now I was really curious. Did the other stalls say something else? There were 5 stalls and one by one I went into each (that I could) to see what the poster said! You should have seen this one women watching me. She must have thought I was crazy!

Are You Using Potty Based Marketing?

The next stall said, “While your seated check out our website.”




I love seeing innovative marketing strategies and If it wasn’t the end of the event I would have gone to every single stall in the place to see what else they said.

So what does this have to do with your business?

You never know where you need to “go” to market your business. Get it?

There are a number of ways to market your business but you need to be open to them.

Would you use Potty Based Marketing? The more I thought about it the more I realized that the people going to these events more than likely either worked for themselves or someone else and their companies were going to need marketing. What better way to get a captive audience!

So, maybe Potty Marketing isn’t for you but there are a few things we can learn from this company.

First – Know where your ideal customers are. Obviously this company has done the research and knows the type of events that are held at the arena. They know decision makers will be “visiting” the bathrooms and be a captive audience.

Second – Use the right words. Each of these signs had the main word in big bold letters so that your eye was drawn to it.

Third – Make sure your website is on your advertising. At the end of each poster the company had their website so that you could contact them. This is a valuable lesson. Don’t put any piece of advertising out there without your website information. That includes photos you put on Facebook.

The only thing these signs didn’t have was a QR code. That would have been perfect.

You’re probably thinking, “Who’s going to take out their phone and scan the QR Code?” Well, I would have. Let’s face ti I went from stall to stall taking photos of the posters!

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Be Savvy and Successful!


Toni NelsonToni Nelson is The Kickstart Your Business Coach and Marketing Innovator.  Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses fight overwhelm and information overload by giving them the specific tools and templates they need to succeed.  Once this is done it  clears the path for creating brand awareness using innovative marketing strategies.  As an award winning Videographer/Photographer Toni uses the art of story telling, visuals and video to help you be seen and heard locally, globally, 24/7 by your ideal customers/clients. Toni helps you kick your business into high gear.  She even wrote the book about it!  Download her free guide: 100 Ways To Market Your Business For Free!

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