To Attract the New and Better, Purge the Old and Stagnant

by Ali Brown

Whenever I’m feeling stuck and want to attract new and better ideas or opportunities, I clean out my file cabinet.

Yes. That’s one big secret!

I clean out my file cabinet.

Can’t explain exactly how it works, but it does.

Just last week, I wanted to get back to working on my book, but was feeling totally resistant. It told myself at least I would pull out the file to work on later, so it would be in my face on my desk all day.

When I opened my file drawer in my desk and started digging, it hit me. There were papers, records, and notes in there from abandoned projects, persons I no longer worked with, old clients, an unpleasant legal matter, and even a crazy ex-fiancé!

In order for me to mine for the gems, I had to trudge through all my old sh*t.

I had to WORK to find the good stuff. Hmmm.

Not good! Physically or energetically.

Time to shout “Clear the decks!” and line up the Hefty bags.

It was time to create space for exciting new projects, amazing new clients, and titillating new opportunities in my LIFE, so it was surely time to at least create them in my DRAWER!

To attract the new and better, you have to purge the old. From Aristotle and Einstein way back when, to physicists today, both scientists and philosophers agree that (at least here on Earth) nature abhors a vacuum.

Meaning, when you create space, the Universe will gladly fill it up for you, with what your intentions are set on.
The problem is if you don’t have space, nothing new can come in.

So, I don’t care how busy you are. If you are feeling a bit stuck, you’ve got to clear away some of that old energy and make ROOM for the new.

This principle applies to everything in your life—from files to relationships—but today let’s focus on your office and workspace.

Here are my BIG 3 areas I have clients attack right away:

1. Your Files — I bet most of the stuff in there you can honestly trash right now. If there are records you absolutely should keep, get them out of your workspace and into neatly organized boxes that are stored elsewhere. (I used to rent a small storage unit, and then I had nice cabinets installed in my garage.)

Then organize what you DO need and want on hand in beautiful colored file folders that are nicely labeled. (I’m a huge fan of the P-Touch labeler!) And here’s the BIG secret: Create files not only for the business you have now, but especially for the business you want to create! Have sections that draw attention to exciting new projects or opportunities or business. For example, if you dream of working with high-paying clientele, create a folder that says “$10,000 Clients”. Because I want to focus on my book, my book project is right up front in a beautiful file folder.

2. Books — Some guys in the industry I know brag about how big their home libraries are. I’m not a fan of keeping hundreds of books around to clutter my office and home. Blech. Very stagnant energy.

I suggest you only keep books on hand that you:
1. are currently reading
2. that you LOVE (not just like) and want to have around forever
3. refer to regularly.

Otherwise keep a bin in your office handy to toss books into as you are done with them. They are then passed on to a friend or client, or donated to a local library or school.

And guess what? If you ever miss a book you gave away or you need it again, you can get it. In all my years of purging, this has only been necessary about three times. Puts it in perspective.

3. Photos & Mementos — An old acquaintance of mine had dozens of shelves in her home that prominently featured her work with past clients. Problem was, I came to learn at least three of these clients either were suing her or had tried to sue her. (Why she was attracting this was another story.) What terrible energy to have photos, mementos, and work related to these toxic relationships in front of her every single day!

There was one point a few years ago I looked around my office and realized there were photos of people I didn’t associate with anymore. I had some great digital snapshots of my best friends and some recent amazing experiences on my computer, but they weren’t around me at my desk. So I just went into Walgreens one day and had the best ones printed and picked up some nice frames for them. Now as I look around my office, I’m surrounded by friends old and new who I love and make me happy to look at.

Warning: Be Ready for “Energy Eruptions”!

There was one particular purging day I remember from years ago. I was getting rid of so much stuff that represented the OLD me—there must have been at least 10 trash bags going out the door—and it brought up a lot of weird feelings. I was throwing out many mementos from my failed marriage and also early business ventures from when I was very unsure of myself, including some projects that had gone sour.

Later that day, I not only felt exhausted, but devastated, like I’d been knocked down by a truck! I cried for hours and felt a bit nauseous as well. (Almost as if I was going to chuck up some internal files of my own!)

Whether conscious or not, know that purging your environment physically will also bring up anything that needs to come up energetically. Be gentle on yourself and make sure you have some time to rest afterwards.

Just know that when you wake up the next day, you’ll feel amazing walking into your home office set up for the NEW you! And something magical will happen from it—I promise. I’ve had clients attract new opportunities, clients, or the exact idea they needed as soon as the very next day.

So schedule a PURGE this week or weekend. You’ll thank me later!


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4 Replies to “To Attract the New and Better, Purge the Old and Stagnant”

  1. Laverne Bissky

    First world problems!

  2. alanc230

    When purging paper files, be sure that you’re not throwing out stuff that has credit card or social security numbers on it. Not so long ago, these were regularly listed in full on bills and other forms. Buy a shredder, or check to see when your town or your bank or credit union is having a free shredding day.

  3. Jessica Northey

    WOW Ali! you read my mind and I needed to read this. I have been packrat’n lately. Keeping too much stuff that doesn’t work, doesn’t fit or I have n’t used in months *and even years*.
    Time to let go.

    Love ya melissa.

  4. Stephanie Treasure

    This post rings true on so many levels. The truth is that I get too busy to clean my work desk, but when it is cluttered I feel so overwhelmed. Whenever, I do make time to clear it, I feel like I am seeing the whole world anew. This is a great reminder that I am due for another purge. And not just my workspace. Thanks Ali for the article and Melissa and the SheOwnsIt team for posting it.

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