You won't believe why you're not making sales

You Won’t Believe Why You’re Not Making Sales by @womensbusinessa

You won't believe why you're not making sales

by Jane Willmott

There’s nothing worse than sitting there watching everyone else get sales, in fact it seems that they get sales so effortlessly and you’re sitting there struggling.

But why isn’t it happening for you?
Why can’t you make those sales stick like they do?

The answers are probably staring you right in the face, 9 times out of 10 when a client comes to work with me we can solve their lack of sales issues in the first session.

I can hear you shouting “Don’t be so silly, I’ve spent months trying to solve this” but you spend everyday in your business it can actually be really difficult to see what’s staring at you so blatantly in the face!

– Fear

Yep first up it’s that big F word, fear. Without evening knowing it fear could be holding you back. You know those moments where you think of a really good idea but then this voice creeps in with all these crazy reasons why you can’t go through with it, so in the end you sit on the idea, well that’s fear holding you back. But those who are blazing it with sales aren’t letting their fears hold them back, I bet they still get those moments of doubt but the difference is they don’t let that fear hold them where they are, they push through the fear and come out the other side with the result they desired! Quit letting your fears stop your sales, quit letting your fears decide what action you take.

– Targeting the wrong people

It could literally be as basic as that, you’re just not targeting the right people. Yes you do have to know who your ideal client is and you have to know where they hang out and what they want too. If you’re targeting the wrong people with your offer then you’re simply not going to get the sales you desire. You have to know who you’re targeting, imagine having an offering that was aimed at mothers in their late 30s but marketing it to and in front of teens, you’re not going to get sales right? You have to know who you’re targeting and where they hang out so you can make sure you’re getting in front of the right people with your offer!

– It’s just not what they need right now

Similar to the point above, if you’re offering something that your ideal client just doesn’t need right now then they’re not going to buy. If you want to make sales right now then you have to have something that your ideal clients need right now not something that they’re going to need in 10 months time, something that they’re going to look at right now and say yes I need that. Survey your ideal clients or start conversations with them, what do they need right now, what would they take their card out for and pay for at this very moment?

– Keep motivated

You can’t expect to just put something out there once and get instant sales back, sometimes you have to actually work at it and keep going. Equally if something isn’t working then it isn’t a case of saying oh well I tried, it’s a case of looking and seeing well what needs to change, why hasn’t it worked? Stay motivated and keep going, keep reviewing and keep putting your offer out there until you hit those sales that you desire!


Jane WillmottJane Willmott is a successful business coach who has clients worldwide. She works with them to create/grow their kick ass business so they can bring their ultimate dreams to life. You can find out more about Jane and what she does over at her website

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