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Promote yourself like a savvy celebrity
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by Katie Kazmierczak

Entrepreneurial life dominates most of my time these days, but when I do manage to take a break, I like to check in with what’s new and great in pop culture.

I’ll watch a talk show, listen to the radio or even break open a magazine. Inevitably, I’ll see the same actor or musician promoting their latest project across all of these mediums as part of a media tour.

We can learn a lot from the world’s biggest celebrities. Even when they’re not promoting a project, they need to stay in the public eye to get work. If they’re not relevant, and they don’t sustain an audience, nobody will hire them. So, they hustle, and if they do it right – they get to keep their seat next to Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes. They might even win the big award.

Here are three tips we can glean from our savvy celebrities:

1. A well-timed, multi-channel campaign is a home run

This week Jennifer Lopez is all over TV, radio and social media promoting the heck out of her new movie. Oh, lets not forget she was also on the cover of People magazine.

We don’t all have the contacts for a People cover (do you? can you let me know?) but there are plenty of local and niche publications you can reach out to. Don’t forget podcasts, local television channels, radio, relevant blogs and keyword-laden social media and content marketing.

2. Be prepared for interviews

What’s the difference between a new, young star who goes on The Wendy Williams Show and actually tells her who they’re dating, vs. that same star who, one-year later, says “I’m just dating and having fun”? Two words: media training.

Not only do you need to practice what you will say about your product or service, you need to prep for those outlier questions – or at least practice staying calm, cool and collected while you figure out a satisfactory response. Search YouTube for tips and tricks and practice with family and friends.

You may get asked the same thing over and over again by different people – celebrities are always excited to answer like it’s the first time they ever heard the question.

3. Dress to impress

Even those of us who work at home know when to put the pajama pants away and break out those fancy pants and heels – but if you’re like me can’t exactly remember which fancy pants are where and if your button-down shirt even fits anymore, take time to put together a few camera-ready, polished looks (that you feel comfortable in!).

If you’re talking to the local cable news channel you may not get “shoe cam,” but you’ll get an extra confidence boost…and remember – you’re just dating and having fun.


Katie KazmierczakKatie Kazmierczak is a media professional and freelance writer with experience in journalism and corporate communications. She is obsessed with entrepreneurial life and truly believes everyone has the power to live the life of their dreams. She blogs at about fitness, business, writing, and life. You can follow her on Twitter @Oh_Katie or on Instagram @KatieTheAuthor.


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