5 Ways Embracing Your own Voice will Help your Business by @TweetWithaK

5 Ways Embracing Your own Voice will Help your Business
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You’ve heard all the reasons you need to be writing for your business:

  • Internal communication needs to be clear: Yup! If your employees or contractors don’t understand what you need from them, it’s your fault. Sawry, but you know it’s true.
  • Blogging for Business is totally necessary, in order to engage with your ideal clients and show them your expertise: 100% true. Your Blog is your greatest marketing asset – HANDS DOWN! The time it takes is completely worth it.
  • Writing Social Media posts regularly will keep your audience engaged and funnelling toward your offers: True! There are how many billion people on Facebook this week? You need to talk to them in an engaging way.
  • Sales Pages, About Pages and Product Descriptions need to be on point, clear and strategic: This one is obviously true, Kitten. If you’re not selling in your biz, you won’t be in biz for long).

You’ve probably also heard all of the different rules telling you what you need to say, and exactly how it needs to sound…right?

  • Content is KING: Ugh! I hate this phrase so much. It’s not content; it’s a conversation. You don’t need to fill the internet with stuff; you need to connect with people who care about what you are doing, and then invite them into your community.
  • Make sure that anything you publish is perfect: Nope! Done is ALWAYS better than perfect.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords: Gross. Don’t jam the same, repetitive words down my throat. I want to hear something interesting and informative.
  • Your About Me page should tell your story/Your About Me page should talk about your client’s story/Your About Me page should talk about your kids/Your clients should never hear about your kids…need I go on?
  • Follow this system (or that system, or any of 3000 systems to generate copy) and customers will come crawling to you by the thousands: There is no one-size-fits-all way to communicate with people…like a person.

Forget it! You do NOT need to feel paralyzed by the rules or by the stakes of biz writing.

It’s not that complicated. I mean, writing isn’t a walk in the park: it’s work. And writing well is definitely harder work, but writing in a Voice that isn’t your own? That just feels AWFUL.

And it doesn’t help your business at all.

In fact, there are (at least) five BIG reasons why you should embrace your own unique Voice in your biz writing.

And because I love you, I’ll tell you what they are 🙂

  1. The only thing that truly will set you apart from the competition is your Self. Endless Marketing-Bots are boring and uninspiring to your clients. Your absolute favourite clients will LOVE the things that make you and your Voice different from the pack
  2. People relate to people – not marketing textbooks, and connection is what you are really looking for, right? When your ideal clients see you being you, they will feel endeared to the humanity of your business – even if you don’t use words like “Industry Standard” or “Market Climate”……ESPECIALLY if you don’t use words like “Industry Standard” or “Market Climate”.Please don’t use those words.
  3. Your expertise (Don’t you dare say you’re not an expert!) shines through in your own Voice – NOT in a system designed to manipulate people with coloured buy-me buttons and scripted Calls-to-Action. You want to be a trusted advisor to your ideal clients, and generously communicating your expertise in your genuine Voice, makes that inevitable.
  4. It’s. More. Fun! If you are going to be writing blog posts, social media posts, internal communications, proposals, sales pages, web-pages…and every other thing you need to be writing for your biz, you better find a way to make it fun, Kitten, or you will bail SO fast. Starting a conversation with people you care about, in the Voice that you use to talk in life can actually be a fun time. The comments you receive from readers turn into a dialogue that you will ENJOY having.
  5. It’s genuine and honest, and that feels good. There is nothing that feels worse than putting on a mask and pretending to be someone you’re not. On the other hand, when you start showing up in your business as yourself – genuinely and honestly – it feels SO good. It feels like stretchy pants and a hot latté on a cold day kinda good.

And that’s a beautiful thing, Kitten.

Why are we running our own businesses and creating our own dreams if we can’t do it in our own skin? Put down that list of catchy headlines you got off the internet; put that book telling what to say to influence buyers back on the shelf, and clear your throat.

Because I want to hear YOUR Voice, and I’ve got the mic all warmed up for you.




Writer, Writing Coach, Marketing Consultant and BizKitten Voice-Maker – Kris Windley from With a K Writing Services in Moncton, NB Canada.

Kris WindleyShe’s sick of women feeling like we need to ask permission to stand up and speak – really speak – from our expertise and experience, and she’s made it her mission to empower women in business all over the world to say:

“My Story and my Voice are legitimate, and I have EVERY right to share them. In fact, I have a responsibility to share them with my clients and my community, because I am an expert and my Voice is important.”

Before she became a BizKitten Voice-maker, Kris was a teacher. She taught Writing and Public Speaking to High School students before she left the public system to work with students with learning disabilities.

She created a new writing curriculum, wrote marketing copy and taught at a private school specializing in literacy skill development for students with Learning Disabilities. It changed her life and how she sees business, learning and the power of Voice.

Her unique writing style and genuine marketing philosophy have made Kris a sought-after writer, consultant and speaker for women in business. She is here to help women stand up and speak confidently in their own Voice, without asking for permission or feeling guilty.

Have you found your Voice yet?

Kris writes weekly for Keyboards and Kickstands – her blog at www.withakwriting.com – where she offers writing and marketing tips for women in business.

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28 Replies to “5 Ways Embracing Your own Voice will Help your Business by @TweetWithaK”

  1. Cathy Goodwin

    Great article – I like the part where you say expertise shines through in your voice. It’s all about show, don’t tell. You model the concepts well as your own voice comes through in the article.

    1. KrisWithaK

      Thanks Cathy!

      I really believe that we can show our clients our worth by sharing ourselves with them genuinely. I’m really gratified to hear that you feel it 🙂


  2. Jen Scerri

    I love this! Kris is so smart and approachable! She reminds me that people can be both! Sometimes I worry that I won’t appear to be an expert if I talk in my normal, silly and casual voice, but that just isn’t true. I am not here to intimidate anyone with my brilliance, I am hear to connect with others and make a difference in people’s lives. Thanks for the being easy to relate to and a genius at the same time, Kris!
    xoxo, Jen

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      Oh GO ON!

      I love that take away though, Jen. It’s fantastic! We are experts in our fields, or we wouldn’t be in business every day, doing it. That doesn’t mean we sound like a textbook…because textbooks are BORING!

      That’s coming from a former teacher, here! I know textbooks!

      Be a person, people!


  3. Makeda

    “It’s not content; it’s a conversation.” That might be my favorite sentence in the blogsphere right now. Thank you for saying it. And thank you for everything you’ve written here. I’m so tired of all the rules about what you should and shouldn’t do. How you should and shouldn’t sound. It’s exhausting. But being myself? Now that I can do. Thanks so much for sharing. Loved it!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      You are SO welcome, Makeda!

      If we stop and think about what we do online as *actual* social behaviour, like conversations and relationships, it suddenly becomes so much easier — and so much more genuine and effective. 🙂


  4. Tricia

    I love being ME! And well, if you don’t like me, then I can’t help you. Better for me to be real & you discover from the get go whether you like me or not. Time is short! Way to go Kris for helping women be real!!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      You are so right, Tricia!

      If you are trying to talk to everyone, you’re talking to no-one. I know that it’s cliché, but it is SO true. You be you, Tricia. You be you 🙂


  5. Karen A.

    I’m SOOO in love with your post Kris!! It is so inspiring, so full of love and caring for us reading it, I truly resonate with all your words!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom 😀

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Karen 🙂 I’m glad you can feel my love. I’m not trying to lecture anyone, but I want so much for you to enjoy your business – in all its bits and pieces – including your marketing. I know that a lot of women in biz feel all kinds of angst and unhappiness when they sit down to write for their blogs, websites and Sales Pages – but you don’t have to.

      Make a plan, fill it in, and be yourself 🙂


      1. Karen A.

        Thank you Kris!!

        Yes, last year and even part of this was all about discomfort and unhappiness when creating blog posts and all related to my business, due to the lots of info and instructions that might not be the right for me.

        It is great that you remind us to be ourselves every time, that it is good for our businesses and for ourselves

      2. Karen A.

        Thank you Kris!!

        Yes, last year and even part of this was all about discomfort and unhappiness when creating blog posts and all related to my business, due to the lots of info and instructions that might not be the right for me.

        It is great that you remind us to be ourselves every time, that it is good for our businesses and for ourselves

        1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

          Your voice is legitimate and it’s beauty lies in its realness – its humanity – its flaws.

          Embrace, Karen!



  6. Amanda

    Ah! How right you are about everything! Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      No problem, Amanda!

      Consider this a little tut tut tut from your fairy biz-kitten godmother: You be you!


  7. Renay Howey

    I needed to hear this today! I especially found so much comfort and truth and awesomeness in this sentence: “Why are we running our own businesses and creating our own dreams if we can’t do it in our own skin?” Thank you for helping me toward a state of non-paralysis when it comes to my writing!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      You are so welcome, Renay!

      The whole entrepreneurial spirit that brought us to the place where we want to have a business of our own gets wiped away if we try to assimilate into some kind of marketing robot hive-mind.

      Write on, Renay 🙂


  8. Ann-Marie

    Love this Kris! It made me think of my 15 year old son who sometimes suggests that I am not doing social media “right”. I always respond that I am just doing it different to him. How could a 46 year old wife and mother, qualified physicist turned passionate embroiderer, former advocate for women in science and world traveller possibly have the same voice and modus operandi as a 15 year old boy? I have had confidence in my voice in other parts of my life, so I am just going to keep learning to embrace it online for my creative business too!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]


      And there are people who want to hear from a 36 year old physicist turned embroider, former advocate for women in science, world traveller, mother and wife…LIKE ME!

      Your life, your story and your Voice are all completely legitimate and important.

      I love this 🙂

  9. Tracy

    *Wolf whistles*

    Do you know what I love about all this?
    I love that I get to be myself cos that’s waaaay easier than trying to be someone else. I have learnt this the hard way.

    But not only that, I love that by being myself and worrying as myself (still a work in progress but this is how it plays out in my head) means that readers feel like they can be themselves in return. We’re not pretending to be the Queen and making people uncomfortable. It’s almost like paying it forward, and that’s a little bit awesome in my books.

    I cannot wait to dive into this more and hone my mad skillz haha.

    Guys…. we ROCK! Kris, thanks for being you!

    Group hug?

    1. Tracy

      Writing* as myself….. thanks auto correct.

    2. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      Group HUGGGG!

      You are super right, Tracy. Pretending is exhausting, and completely NOT fun. It’s like going to that office party with the people you felt you had to hide yourself from…that’s not fun.

      And it’s not interesting either.

      Keep on honing. Those skillzzzz are coming, Tracy: every time you open your mouth and your real Voice comes out, it gets freer and more clearly you 🙂


  10. Sarah Shotts

    Yes, yes, yes! When you get started those false messages seem to be coming from every corner, but they are a load of hooey! I always prefer reading blogs and copy that feels like it’s written by a real life human. Amen sista!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      YESSSSSS for humans!

      If we took all the “Marketing” advice we heard, we’d all sound like robots from the same robot factory.

      How boring!

      Here’s to the real human Voices from real humans.


  11. Nancy

    This was an awesome post! So empowering and very inspiring! You are amazing, Kris and so helpful! Keep shouting it from the rooftops with your super powers mic and don’t ever stop! Thank you! ♡

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      I need a new megaphone, Nancy! Maybe you can washi-tape it for me and make a-DOR-able like you do 😉


  12. richelle

    Kris is on point! Embracing and celebrating my voice has made a huge difference for me. Awesome!

    1. Kris Windley[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Richelle! Your voice is so rockin’ too! I’m really glad I’ve had a chance to hear it.


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