Getting Through That Creative Block by @TinkerAndFaff

by Nikki Griffiths | Featured Contributor

This month’s post is less about the glue, scissors, ribbon and paper and more about using a fun way of getting through that creative block.

We all have moments where we’re stuck with a blank page and don’t know what to write, draw, type, scribble. So this month I thought I’d share with you a technique that I’ve been using for quite a while to get those creative juices flowing, and also have a bit of fun at the same time.

Sometimes you can get so engrossed in the fact that you’ve not come up with anything that everything stops being fun and especially work stops being fun.

This technique is a bit like dot-to-dot but with words, and if you’ve seen my website you’ll know I love words! Just print off the pages of words supplied on a PDF here: RandomWords and cut them out, put them in a jam jar or shoe box – basically anything that you can fit your hand into. If nothing, the half an hour or so it takes to print out and cut out the words will distract your mind a bit!

Once all your words are cut out and in the box/jar then we’re ready to go!


Close your eyes and pick out 10 pieces of paper, lay them all out and without Googling or using any type of search engine, try and connect the words to each other and create a (rather random) story. Use what you know, no matter how bonkers it may seem.

Getting Through That Creative Block

You don’t have to connect them in the order you draw them out, just get creative and start connecting the dots…

So, my words were Television… Cup… Banana… Pebble… Sunglasses… Vase… Rebel… Macaw… Perfume… Prison…

And my connections go something like this… Some Rebels, tend to end up in Prison, while in prison they can watch Television, sometimes on TV they have nature programs that feature Macaw’s, Macaw’s are from quite a tropical place with lots of sunshine – a place where you would need Sunglasses, Sunglasses come in various colours including yellow, which is the colour of Bananas, Banana’s come from big plants and you can use their leaves in floral displays that would go in a Vase, the flowers in the Vase can also be used to make Perfume you can get the lovely smell of the flowers by crushing the petals with Pebbles although this is a very long winded process and you wouldn’t even fill a Cup!

See what completely random things you can connect. The idea is that it opens your mind up to connect things that, on the face of it shouldn’t be connected. If you’re suffering from a bit of creative block this is your brain not being open to connecting the dots and the more you worry about it, the worse it seems to get. This exercise makes you think in a completely random way, think of it as similar to warming up before you go for a run or do an exercise class. This technique just loosens up those brain cells and after a bit of silliness and fun it’s in a more relaxed way to think about work again.

I’m no brain expert, I don’t write books on brain games or anything like that, it was something that was taught to me years ago and I find it really helpful to get the creative juices flowing again, so I wanted to share it with all you lovely ladies.

I would also LOVE to read any of the random stories you come up with in the process.


NiksPic_forBlogpostNikki Griffiths is the founder of Tinker & Faff. Tinkering and faffing and creating word art designs for gifts and for the home.

Having trained as a typographer and designer Nikki decided to venture in to the world of surface pattern design on home and gift wares. Producing off the shelf products as well as bespoke art for beautiful gift ideas. She started doing bespoke prints for family and friends as gifts and it has taken off from there, selling her wares on Etsy and blogging about the creative tinkering and faffing that she does in her spare time to encourage others to get creative and tinker and faff.

UK based in the Cheshire countryside, although with big aspirations for a cottage by the sea in South Wales.

Twitter: @TinkerAndFaff
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  1. Brandi Starr

    This sounds awesome. I have to try this. Some of the best blog posts that I have read are awesome because of the correlation that they make between two seemingly unrelated thoughts. Thanks!

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