First Quarter Close Out: Got Commitment and Results? by @WSRapport


by Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq | Featured Contributor

We’re now in the final month of the first quarter. For some, this may cause feelings of uneasiness, especially if you’re not where you thought you’d be. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time crafting your goals. Surely you had every intention of achieving them, right? But now, as the rubber meets the road, how will you assess your results?

Before you close out the first quarter, take a moment to examine your commitment to results and lay the foundation for the remainder of the year by observing this critical check-in.

Here are three important steps in the process:

1. Ask yourself whether you still really want it.

Whatever your goals are, they need to remain relevant, or there’s no reason to continue the pursuit. Goals created in the short-term do not necessarily remain relevant over time. And, that’s ok. The most important thing is to assess whether your goals still make sense in the present and in the context of where you are headed. Do you still really want what you envisioned? Maybe you do, but the landscape may have changed. If not, then get clear on why the goals may no longer be appropriate. Whatever the case, ask the hard questions. You need to know whether the goals you’ve selected merit the extra effort.

2. Check doubt and at door.

Once you have redefined your goals and determined your level of commitment towards each, clear the path of doubt. Decide that you will succeed and cut off any other possibility. Reach for the the strategies and resources that will help to support your success and take your results to the next level. Don’t allow self-doubt (or the uncertainty of others) to influence your thinking. When you feel doubt creeping in, remember what the goal represents and what it will feel like to get to the other side. Master your thinking and the distance to your results will be cut in half.

3. Get in the trenches.

Your conviction is clear: You really want it and you’ve checked doubt at the door. Now the real work begins. Roll up your sleeves and get prepared to fight on the front lines to bring your dreams into fruition. Armed with strong conviction, you may feel like you’ve got the force of a mighty army behind you. But do have the stomach for a real fight? Giving birth to your dreams may bring on one of the toughest fights of your life. You need to be prepared for it. No one promised the road to success would be easy or that you wouldn’t experience hardship along the way. Ups and downs are par for the course. Are you ready to battle for your success? If so, hold tight to your commitment and reach for your results.

You can close out this first quarter with greater commitment to the results you envisioned for 2015. Step back. Reassess. And move forward with a strong sense of urgency.

To your success!

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Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq.Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq. – Expert Facilitator and Professional Development Consultant –Washington, DC

Founder and CEO, WordSmithRapport

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WordSmithRapport™, Karima brings more than two decades of comprehensive, blue chip experience in law, business, and academia to the field of professional development. A leading authority in cutting-edge adult education and professional development, Karima is distinguished by her commitment to excellence and extraordinary talent for elevating executive brands. As an expert facilitator, executive communications consultant, and strategic leadership advisor, she trains, coaches, and consults individuals and organizations on the dynamics of complex communication and high performance leadership competence.

Karima is a Distinguished Toastmaster, United States Senate and a Corporate Speaker, certified by the International Association of corporate speakers.

Karima is the author of Get out of Your Way & Stop Sabotaging Your Success and the highly anticipated Boardroom Talking Points: A Guide to Polished Communication for Executives. A regular contributor to numerous high-profile media outlets, she has clarified the discussion on professional development as a leadership imperative. Karima is also featured on She Source, an online braintrust of female experts on diverse topics designed to serve journalists, producers, and booking agents who seek female guests and sources.

A Cornell Fellow and graduate of the University of California, Davis, and Roger Williams University School of Law, Karima enjoys helping young adults to increase self-confidence through communication and leadership excellence when not coaching executives.

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