The 9 Best Social Media Practices For Those Beginners NOT Like The Others by @DrmaureenB -A Three Part Series

by Dr. Fay M Butler

I decided to write this article not to contradict the wealth of information created in the many almost exhausting Best Practices lists already established. The terminology, the social networking platforms, the tools to use, the whatever… is at the Tipping Point of overwhelming but it is not often enough do we hear the real stories behind the road to success. Many are left to create their own stories.

I want to address those who are writing the beginning part of your stories or maybe you are somewhere in the middle.. I am writing this series for the beginners, novices especially those who have a unique set of skills. Perhaps you fit within one of the following categories, maybe not: very new entrepreneurs, ministry persons, working full time but with an after work fledgling business venture, small business owners laboring in obscurity barely getting by…you get the picture.

The best practices lists are good, but they don’t always address timing of when to do what especially when you have a unique set of circumstances. One Plan, One list, one size does not fit all.. Take me for instance, I wear many different hats including: Pastor, Author, Leader, Higher Education Administrator, Entrepreneur, Cook and Chief Social Media Strategist. I am writing my story now to hopefully help others through the maze.

As I attempted to negotiate and navigate the maze of Best practices lists, Info graphs, rules for membership in groups and communities, changes in policies seemingly every month… A voice kept whispering to me… You Are Not Like The Others!…

As I write my story on this journey… this is what I have learned that has worked for me based on my experiences.

Best Practices for those beginner’s Not like the rest- Best Practices 1-3

You are NOT LIKE THE Others! – ACCEPT your uniqueness, you are different. Be comfortable with who you are and the resources or lack thereof. This is critical because you will feel like you are not successful if you look at a best practice list to gain followers and things don’t happen quickly enough. There are many different paths to the end destination (s) of growing your brand, building your business, expanding your ministry. A news flash, everyone is Not going to be in the top 10 in ten months, “overnight” success takes years of work….

If you want to play, you got to pay.

There are two ways- If you want to play on the field with whomever your competition is, you have to pay. Pay or Perish.

1. Invest- Before you make a public appearance, control your content and appearance by investing in professional photos, a professional video promo, a graphic designer, a website designer and website administrator. Have an editor on call as well. You must spend money to create a lasting look/feel.

2. Reality check– When you are building a “Brand” you have to promote! I was building my “Ministry” Brand, I promoted ministry events, I used sponsored stories, why, exposure. I wasn’t necessarily looking to monetize anything at first. In the early stages, I needed to get the word out. This is not the place for a philosophical discussion on ”buying” likes and followers, my reality was I had to sponsor posts and create ads for my page.

3. Time, time, time– Expect to work long hours during the establishment stage. Here is the key, you have to hustle, hustle, hustle, work, work, work hopefully doing and creating “IN” season, so that you reap “Due” season. When you are a novice, there is a steep learning curve, and when the side hustle is not your main thing, well you have to put in an honest day’s work and then work after work. This translates into hard work and long hours.

Coming soon- the next 3… Best Practices 4-6

© Dr. Fay Maureen Butler, 2014

———————————————————————————- Maureen Butler: Chief Social Media Strategist For Churches and Ministries,Educator, Pastor, Author,Blogger Web Radio and Web Tv Host.

Dr Fay on Twitter: @DrmaureenB

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2 Replies to “The 9 Best Social Media Practices For Those Beginners NOT Like The Others by @DrmaureenB -A Three Part Series”

  1. Tasha @ realimprints

    I can’t thank you enough for the advice you gave in this post! It was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. Recently, I have joined a team of women who have started a website/blog. We have been up for almost two months. There have been highs and lows, and a great amount of work! Learning to be patient and persistent is a balancing act. I appreciate your thoughts and advice. They have shaped my own ideas and offered insight as we begin this journey!

    1. Fay M Butler

      Thank You

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