The 9 Best Social Media Practices for Those Beginners NOT like the others by @DrFayMaureen -A Three Part Series

by Dr. Fay Maureen Butler

Best Practices 4-6

This article is the second installment in this series. If you have not read the first one click here.

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

By way of review

The best practices lists are good, but they don’t always address timing of when to do what especially when you have a unique set of circumstances. One Plan, One list, one size does not fit all.. Take me for instance, I wear many different hats including: Pastor, Author, Leader, Higher Education Administrator, Entrepreneur, Cook and Chief Social Media Strategist. I am writing my story now to hopefully help others through the maze.

Best Practices 4-6

4. Build, Build, Build a cadre of subject matter experts from various fields who can serve as “seasonal” mentors in your life. (A seasonal mentor is one that fills that role in your life for perhaps a short period of time only to help you manage specific tasks or subject matter. Once you have mastered a task or subject matter, the relationship moves from mentor/mentee to colleague. )

Why do you need to build a cadre of experts, for two reasons.. First, Given the demands of this constantly changing business coupled with your uniqueness you will need “seasonal” mentors to assist you as manage and negotiate vision, creating and implementation seasons within your journey. Yes, to everything there is a time and season, the person who assists you in understanding your vision may not be the person to help you build… Second, you are multitasking and multifaceted so it is possible that you will be creating and implementing two very different visions at the same time.. Another way to say this…you will experience both planting and reaping at the same time and your cadre of subject matter experts is critical to your success.

Building this cadre requires the following: You must first understand your big picture and the moving parts. Second, strategically identify persons whom you think would be good seasonal mentors. This is where networking and engaging with others via social networking sites and conferences comes in handy…. contact them…

5. Read, read, read- I should admit that I am an avid reader of diverse publications. I have to, given the many hats that I wear. You must be well versed and well read in what is your passion (s). I will offer a disclaimer, this does not mean that you will be the expert in ten different areas; instead you must acquire sufficient knowledge to remain competitive, resourceful, futuristic and optimistic. What to read…parts of articles from different blogs, chapters in book, etc. Improve your ability to think globally by reading authors form diverse traditions and develop the ability, a skill if you will, to absorb and compartmentalize materials into categories as future resources which are a great segue for best practice number 6.

6. Gather, gather, gather– data for your content and creativity. Let data inform your uniqueness. Gather data regarding what your unique audience is expecting. Engage your audience based on data driven content strategy. Create and curate content that fits your set of circumstances. (I have learned through trial and error what programs work for me in terms of content management, scheduling content…etc.. )

Final thoughts for this segment….

Remember you are not like the others; find what works for you for that “season” or task and go with it. Don’t be afraid to change when a program has lost its usefulness……

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Fay Maureen ButlerDr. Fay Maureen Butler, Social Media Strategist for Ministries, Pastor, Author, Ministry President and Web Radio Hostess is the fourth child of the Late Rev/Attorney John L. Butler and Dr. Fay Ellis Butler. A graduate of William Smith College, she has also received two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate, all from Columbia University.
She has spent the past Twenty-Seven years working in higher education, twenty-two of which have been in various leadership and management positions within Student Affairs at The City University of New York.

Dr. Fay has served as a team member for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and She is a Board Member- All Saints Bible College.

Dr. Fay is a noted “Master” Bible teacher and ministry builder. She is the Founder and President of Huldahs House Ministries which includes: Top Of The Morning Radio Show, Healing and Deliverance Crusades, The EMPOWERMENT ZONE Web TV show. An Entrepreneur, She is the Founder and President of Go Tell It Communications Consulting: A Social Media Strategy Company Corp
Dr. Fay, a fourth generation member of COGIC, is the Founder and Pastor of Upper Room International Ministries COGIC. In her spare time, she likes to cook, exercise and read. She is known for her easy smile, even disposition and laughing a lot. She is a Breast cancer survivor and often declares “I don’t look like what I have been through”. She is a daughter, sister, aunt and mentor to many.

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