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by Toni Nelson | Featured Contributor

Why Your Brand Needs Instagram

As a busy business owner you want to make sure that you are using your time on social media wisely.

Looking at the various platforms that are available you might overlook one key site and that is Instagram.

Let’s talk a little bit about some of the statistics.  This will help us build our foundation for the “why” of using Instagram.

There are 400 million active users on Instagram.  It has the most engagement; likes, comments of any other platform.  Instagram engagement is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter.  Users post 1000 comments every second and like posts 3.5 billion times a day.  When it comes to logging into Instagram 70% do so more than once a day.

All that is huge but the evidence is right in front of our yes, literally.  People are visual by nature.  It’s been said that 90% of the information sent to the brain is through our vision.

Our brain process images 60,000 times faster than plain text.

Combine that those facts with a visual platform and you have pure engagement.

The “why” gets even more compelling when we look at what Carolyn Everson Facebook VP of  Global Marketing Solutions had to say in a Bloomberg interview.

Here are some of the key take aways from that.

Every day Facebook is thinking about ways to grow Instagram.  There are 200,000 advertisers so it’s still in its early stages.

As far as Facebook is concerned Instagram has completed only 1% of the journey.  I thought that statement in itself is the perfect “why.”  If they are at only 1% just imagine what’s going to happen in the future!

Something else Carolyn said was Facebook realizes that content is incredibly important because people love to consume content.

The plan is to make Instagram and Facebook distribution platforms for content producers.  That’s you and me!  Are you getting the “why” now?

When it comes to Instagram think micro blogging.

According to a November 2015 survey, 60% of users say that they discover new products on the platform.  The same survey found that 75% of users say that they’ve taken action after being inspired by a post.

A big mistake many make on Instagram is not providing valuable content.  When we look back on what Carolyn Everson had to say we see how important content is to consumers.

One of the things I learned early on from my parents who were also business owners is that you give the customer what they want.

That means if people want valuable content it’s up to you to provide it.

Personally, I’ve visited a number of Instagram accounts that look like nothing more than a sales page.  Every single post was directing you to buy something.

We are all bombarded daily with promotions to buy people’s “stuff.”  It’s natural that if we have a product or service that we want others to take advantage of it.  Sometimes because of being overzealous we might actually repel our ideal customers instead of drawing them to us.

So let’s talk about how you can build the know, like and trust factor on Instagram.

It’s a five letter word: video.

You see, video is the perfect way to get in front of your ideal customers.  Being in front of the camera gives people the ability to see who you are and what you do.

Putting yourself in front of the camera gives you a way to have a “conversation.”  It’s as if you are talking one to one with whoever is watching your video.

Think it doesn’t work?  After coaching a number of people I felt like I needed to talk to someone who wasn’t as close to my business as I was.   How would I choose a coach?

Then one day I was able to see a coach on camera as he was writing a sales letter.  Keep in mind I had heard his voice on numerous tele classes for some time but never “met” him.  Once I saw this video with him on camera, it cemented the connection I had with him. It was as if he was talking only to me. See how important video can be?

With that thought in mind Instagram at first gave you the ability to have 15 second videos.  That’s now changed.  You can have a full 60 seconds and you can share a lot in 60 seconds when you plan properly.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to Instagram which is why I’d love for you to join me in the Instagram 15 Day Challenge.  We are going to dive into what you need to know to Instagram your brand!

You’ll be amazed at what this platform has to offer.

Grab you spot by visiting this link: 15 Day Instagram Challenge

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