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by Silvia Pencak | Featured Contributor

It’s standard industry lingo – no matter what your industry – branding, brand building, social media branding…these and many other terms fly around the online marketplace with a buzz equal to a swarm of killer bees.  These terms can be intimidating, especially for the novice online marketing professional, as everyone knows that the biggest is the best when it comes to branding…or is it?  One term you don’t hear quite as often promotes the idea of branding yourself, and this is the one aspect of social media marketing that eliminates the traditional bounds of competition between large and small advertising budgets; between well-established and emerging logos; between the big corporations and the sole-proprietorships.

You see, in today’s marketplace, consumers are tired of being told what to buy.  They have grown weary of being “marketed to.”  They are conscious of whom their commercial dollars are supporting at the end of the day, and they are more aware than ever that large, faceless corporate entities often do not have the best interests of their local economy in mind.  All of these factors come into play with the growing trend toward personalized marketing, and that’s where entrepreneurs of any size and in any niche stand a great chance for success with social media marketing when you choose a focus on branding yourself over simple, standard product/service promotional tactics.

Branding Yourself vs. Branding Your Company

So how does the strategy of branding yourself differ from that of branding your company?  The two strategies are really one and the same; designed to serve the same purpose.  It’s the way one goes about the business branding process that differentiates the two.  By branding yourself, you are essentially introducing a human element to your company image; a real, live person as opposed to a faceless corporate identity.  In today’s marketplace, this personal element is a big deal among consumers of all different demographic categories, and it gives business owners the opportunity to set themselves apart by developing more than just a customer base, but rather a network of friends that support the growth of your business just as your in-person friends would do, by maintaining loyalty to your brand and encouraging their own network of friends to join the circle.

Useful Tactics for Branding Yourself Effectively

Unlike running ads, branding yourself through the magical vehicle of social media establishes relationships between you and your customers.  In order to maintain this relationship, however, you can’t simply promote your products and/or services constantly.  You need to give them a reason to stay connected…a reason to share.  You need to provide them something of value every so often to keep them interested and let them know they’re appreciated.

Some of the most effective tactics for accomplishing this long-term bond through social media include the distribution of relevant content.  Write an engaging article or produce an informative and entertaining video that your target demographic will find useful.  Customer appreciation incentives are also a valuable tool to use in combination with content distribution for the purpose of effectively branding yourself to an already receptive audience.  Through interactive communication, as is facilitated via social media, these efforts can be effectively customized (and personalized) with your particular fan base in mind – an effort that will not go unnoticed by your customers both current and potential.

Silvia Pencak (aka Magnetic Silvia) works with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to create a magnetic and profitable business presence online. She helps your clients fall in love with what you do and turn them into raving fans and referring partners for life. Click here to see how Silvia and her team can help you turn your business into a client magnet.

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