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An on-the-go business professional’s Smartphone loaded with the best apps is indeed a potent combo. Once you know how to make the most of them, you never want to be without them. These magical devices have quite remarkably changed the way we organize our lives and set priorities.

A lot of attention has been given to some really cool consumer apps, which you hear people rave about every now and then. However, lately the focus has also been on business-friendly apps that make life a little easier and somewhat breezy, as you go about your daily work obligations.

If you can be a cool dad or a rock star mom at home, there’s no reason why you can’t pull it off at work too. Let’s get you in on some of the coolest and innovative business-friendly apps available for grabs today.


TripIt: Conveniently Organize Those Stressful Business Trips

Available on iOS and Android, TripIt will iron out your trip so its smooth sailing all the way.

Business travel is exhausting and can get complicated without notice. Car reservations, transits, multiple flights in some cases, hotel stays, meetings, all that can really throw your bearings off.

Let TripIt organize your trip from the get go and organize a “clean” travel agenda for you. You can also share plans with your coworkers, get the scoop on the best restaurants and add to-do lists or notes.


HootSuite: Buddy up all Your Social Network Accounts

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Most of us like to use social media for our jobs. Take advantage of HootSuite to manage all those accounts from one place. It handles multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as Foursquare, LinkedIn and many others.

An added bonus: your team can use HootSuite to manage company social media accounts as well. Get it today on iOS or Android.


CamScanner: On-the-fly Scanner

An urgent situation can always come up where you’re required to scan documents and send them to the recipient immediately. Do you need to be standing next to a scanner? Absolutely not!

CamScanner uses your Smartphone’s tech to work as a scanner; no longer do you need paper. All you have to do is keep track of your important documents – notes, receipts, business cards, invoices etc. and your work is done. This really is easier said AND done.

Available on iOS and Android.


GateGuru: Let the Guru Take Charge

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.51.02 AM

Some of us are just so bogged down with the formalities and on-goings of a business trip, we find ourselves dashing across the terminal floor with our luggage barely intact, trying to find the gate to our connecting flight.

The likelihood of things going downhill is always there; why take a chance? GateGuru will take you right to your designated gate. The app tells you precisely where you should be. The moment your plane lands, you can casually stroll to your gate with no worry-baggage at all.

GateGuru can be had on both Android and iOS.

Box: Safely Tuck Away All Your Documents in the Cloud

No working man or woman should be without this one.

With Box (on iOS and Android ), you can store documents in the cloud, share them with colleagues or edit them with other business-friendly apps that are on your device.

Get a handle on your file security: Box’s system is one of the best.


Free Call & SMS Scheduler: Never Forget an Important Event

Available for free on Android , this app lets you automatically schedule unlimited future calls and text messages. Never do you have to worry about missing an event or not remembering to contact someone. Simply schedule important calls and messages at the start of each day or week, and go about your day without any worries whatsoever.

The app will automatically send out messages or make calls according to a date and time set by you. Sweet and simple.


Waze: Stayon Top of Road Conditions


Eager to work your charms on a newly-acquired client and stuck in mad traffic at the 11th hour? Worry not; Waze is here to save the day, literally, your day!

Live traffic updates can really cut off precious minutes from your commute. Bad road conditions owing to weather or an accident can be conveniently dodged, as Waze helps you get to your destination through a safe and alternate route.

User-generated alerts on speed traps can really save your neck in case you are in the habit of doing things at the last minute and having to feed that throttle foot as a result.

Get it on your Android

OpenTable: Reservations Made Easy

We love having business meetings at upscale restaurants, don’t we? OpenTable lets you instantly book a reservation (where available) – it has over 27,000 restaurants in its database and helps you snag reward points.

Available on iOS and Android.


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