What Can 18th Century Peapods Teach You About Efficiency?

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2 Replies to “What Can 18th Century Peapods Teach You About Efficiency?”

  1. Alli Polin

    Love the idea of applying this Pareto Principle to my life! I have a wise friend that once told me she never wants her life to be “busy” she always goes for “full” I think she understands what it means to focus on the right 20%

    You have me thinking! Thanks!

    1. Emily Worden

      Alli, that’s awesome! I especially love your friend’s quote. I’m so glad you’re inspired by this article! My sister is a lawyer and has been focusing on “firing” her bad clients … her phone now rings much less, she’s less stressed, AND she’s making more money. I hope you realize the same awesome benefits from your 20%

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