Claiming Your Confidence by @PhyllisNichols

by Phyllis Nichols | Featured Contributor

You’ve spent the better part of your life becoming great at what you do. You’ve learned and honed and paid your dues. You know you make a difference. People who have hired you or shopped with you have a great experience. Lives are changed.

But still at times, you hesitate to admit what you know in your heart is true. You know it.

It’s time to own it.

It’s time to claim your confidence. Especially to yourself.

Confidence is defined as a consciousness of one’s powers.


Heady stuff to be sure. But you know what you know and claiming your confidence is critical.

It means you take ownership and responsibility for the talents and knowledge and skills you’ve been given and earned.

It means you say yes to your gifts and embrace the life lessons you’ve learned along the way.

It also means you’re ready to share:

You’re ready to give back. Embracing your confidence means you can now focus on your client, or your team or your cause.

You’re ready to use what you know to make a difference in the lives of others.
But still you hesitate or worry that claiming your confidence won’t be understood.
You don’t want to appear arrogant or give the impression you think you’re all that.

Here’s what confidence is not:

It isn’t arrogance. That implies an air of superiority. Confidence doesn’t need to compete. It isn’t about measurement or rankings.

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who is good at what you do, or if you are one of many. Confidence means you don’t need to claim you are better than someone else.
It means you are accomplished at what you do.

Confidently own your prowess at landscape design or party planning or retail store owner.

It’s not about ranking yourself above others, just saying you are the best you can be at what you do.

Confidence is not about bragging. In fact when you can be confident in yourself and your work or hobbies or being a parent or partner, you no longer have to prove yourself.

Being confident means you can now focus on someone or something else.

Confidence means you don’t require constant affirmations to feel good about what you do. We all love it when others acknowledge us.  It’s a basic human need. But owning our confidence means you don’t need to rely on the opinions of others to know your value.

Building your confidence is 3 easy steps!

Be honest with yourself and make a list. Think of at least 5 things at which you excel. Write them down.

Really do it.

Write a declarative sentence about each item on your list.

Tip: use present tense and keep it as short and simple as possible.

Example: I am great at meeting new people or I throw great dinner parties or I write wonderful letters or I design amazing websites or I generate increased profits for my clients.

Make it a mantra. Say it out loud to yourself. Repeat it every time you begin to doubt or question you awesomeness.

Owning your confidence take some practice. It means you take yourself seriously enough to acknowledge what you know. Who you are.  What you can do.

Your success in business and in life will grow with your confidence.

Please share your questions and your declarative sentences.

Your confidence is bound to inspire others!


Phyllis Nichols is a Salesologist teaching you how to get them to say YES! From her site: “Empowering you to do what you love, and do it better. Making the sales process easy, straightforward and enjoyable. Ridding the world of manipulative, controlling, dishonest sales practices one business at a time. Using my razor-sharp insight to help you focus on making a difference”. Follow her on twitter or check out her website.

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