Considering a Business Pivot? Here are the 5 “P’s” you must Ponder before you Pounce by @Inspireonthego

by Marleen Fairchild


Considering a Business Pivot? Here are the 5 “P’s” you must Ponder before you Pounce:

1. Passion equals Payment

Here are two P’s for the price of one. Change is often hard on most of us. So, if you’re truly considering a pivot in your business, it should be to get closer to the daily activities and subject matter you’re most passionate about. Consumers don’t pay for lukewarm information. Our hyper-informative society requires cutting edge research, insider exclusives, and poignant strategies that will get right to the point on what they need to know. To deliver these golden nuggets, time and time again, you have to be constantly and rigorously seeking out and developing this type of information to deliver to your audience/customer. Therefore, you must be passionate and engaged before you expect to charge for your expertise.


2. Pray

Not many people write this down in their business plan, but it is an often-understated necessity to business preparation and survival. Most entrepreneurs are very familiar with the term faith and speak candidly about their dependence on God to see them through situations that appear insurmountable from a business standpoint. Ask around, it will not take long to find an entrepreneur who lists faith as a catalyst for taking a leap into the unknown with only a hope and a prayer.


3. Pick a date

Procrastination is a terrible “P” to be plagued with. It has killed more dreams than can be counted. If you don’t set a date to when you will make a move, then someday will never come. One of the benefits of formal education is that a student is given clear guidelines as to when things are due. These declarative deadlines provide the incremental gauges needed to determine how much work needs to be done and by when so that the final product is ready by the deadline. The business world may not offer as clear of deadlines but you have to put them in place if you ever determine to make anything happen. It will not happen otherwise. Pick a date, then stick to it. Extensions in the real world are costly and don’t come easy, so don’t give yourself an out when the date arrives.


4. Purpose-driven

It never fails that at some point you will be deterred by some obstacle or hardship to making this move. You had better have a clearly defined purpose or motivator that will get you over that hump. Being ill-prepared here has sent many entrepreneurs back to This venture is not easy and is laden with grunt work. You may be saying to yourself today that you will do whatever it takes to get things done. I firmly believe that you will. However, you may not be ready for the immobility of an elderly parent to embellish your schedule, or the misbehavior of a child to trigger parent-teacher conferences or mandatory corrective action, or the layoff of a spouse that makes you question whether now is the right time to pursue this. Your pursuit will be challenged, and you need to be ready for it with enough purpose-fueled arsenal to get you through it.


5. Push and Press

Think about the last 10 minutes on the elliptical or the last mile in the marathon. You have given everything you have and you see the finish line in sight. Willpower may be faint and scarce. Support may be waning. The quarter is ending on a low note. The sales have all fallen through. Every potential lead has said no. The Holidays are ensuing. You have done all the research you can and you stand at the precipice unable to see the next clear step. Questions grip you. You know you have passion for this. You have prayed and have taken a leap of faith. You have set the date and you know why you are doing this with a strong and sure purpose. Now push on and press in. There is no time to think here. You have been diligent and reserved. There is no more to do, but to do it. Dig in and just move. Go. Grow. Push. Press. Pivot.




About Marleen Fairchild: After receiving her Bachelor and Master degrees in Communications from Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Los Angeles, Marleen made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas.

After successfully navigating her relocation to Las Vegas in 2015, Marleen found her passion in helping others smoothly traverse the logistical challenges of relocating to, and from, Las Vegas, Nevada, as a Realtor.

Marleen’s an avid reader, blogger and coffee enthusiast. She’s a member at Southern Hills Baptist Church, where she serves at the Coffee Shop, and can be found working from her laptop at odd hours in local coffee shops around the city.

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