What is content strategy and why is it important?

by Shelagh Cummins

If you’re in business, then there are two universal traits that apply to you:

  1. 1.       You solve a problem for someone
  2. 2.       You are an expert in your  field

All business is based on the premise that there is a problem out there and you have the solution to it. Think about it: if you make hair clips, you are helping tame my daughter’s hair.  If you make lefty scissors, you are helping left handed people cut straight. If you own a Laundromat, you are helping people clean their clothes. All businesses solve problems.

Have you ever thought of yourself as an expert? By default, if you are running a viable business, there is a level of expertise you are bringing to your business. If you are a life coach, you are an expert in the field of life balance and understanding how to help people achieve it.  If you are a photographer, you are an expert at taking pictures. If you are a social media consultant, then you are an expert at… social media.


So what does problem solving and being an expert have to do with content strategy?



Content strategy is taking your expertise and turning it into content that the world needs to hear. It’s curating, organizing, repurposing and developing your expertise into materials that are packaged as perfect solutions for your clients. Content strategy is turning your knowledge into offerings or tools you can potentially sell or provide to your current or prospective clients.


Why is this important?


Because people buy from people they know, like and trust. To develop and nurture this relationship, it’s your job to share your expertise and provide continual value and support to your current and potential client base.

And, as with everything related to business, you need a plan. You need a content strategy.


Build your own content strategy.


Here are three questions to get you started with your own content strategy.

  1. What is my expertise as it relates to my business?
  2. Who am I trying to help?
  3. What information would add value to my prospective and current clients?

I look forward to sharing tips, tricks and tools for helping you develop and execute your own content strategy over the next 6 months.




Shelagh Cummins is a Business Trainer and Consultant at BizTrainHer.com, a boutique firm specializing in training and content strategy for women in business. She works with experts, authors, coaches, and speakers – people who have loads of content that the world needs to hear. Shelagh curates, organizes, repurposes and develops materials to offer your loyal audience. She advises on how to package them as perfect solutions by turning knowledge into tools to sell.

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