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Angela MooreAh the Bio section. Let’s change this up and start with a quote. “Don’t adjust your dreams to accommodate your reality, adjust your reality to accommodate your dreams.” Yep I wrote that. I’m Angela Moore, Founder and President of Six Degrees Digital Media. We launched the company in May of 2010 and have the good fortune to still be helping others. We love creating awesome video over at Six Degrees as well as e-Courses and websites. If you need help telling your story, we’re here for you.

Also, I’m a mom of two awesome kids, which I believe is my real legacy. And if you’re still reading this, I’ll throw in that I’m a huge fan of Disney (movies and the park), as well as superheroes. I’d love to save the world but right now I’ll settle for saving the Internet one byte at a time.

Connect with me anywhere you like. Six Degrees Digital MediaYouTube | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


angie weberAfter time spent searching for the perfect job and having no luck, Angie Weber was introduced to tena.cious. Not only did she find her passion for small business, she also discovered one very important thing about herself- she is a true intrapreneur. (You know, those people who act like entrepreneurs, but don’t have as much risk in the game?)

While she co-runs tena.cious and helps clients showcase their personalties online, she also spreads awareness about intrapreneurs- the good, the bad, and the ugly awesomeness. If you want to get an inside look on intrapreneurs, check out here podcast, The Intrapreneur Life.


Arti SharmaArti Sharma is the Chief Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Measure Marketing Results Inc. Arti has been helping businesses market themselves more effectively for over two decades. For the past 10 years, she has developed her niche in online marketing and now leads a team of digital marketing strategists and content marketers that help businesses of all sizes get found online and convert traffic to leads and customers. Measure Marketing and Arti’s core mission is to inspire and influence progressive businesses and educate them to achieve a larger impact with online marketing.

Arti has been hired to speak at various industry events over the past years and now actively educates her tribe using her blog and industry publications. She was also the host of Entrepreneur TV; show produced by Rogers that aired in Ontario, Canada. You can learn more about Arti Sharma and Measure Marketing on her website at www.measuremarketing.net.

You can connect with her on social media as follows:
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CJB IMAGECarly Barker, CLTC has been an independent insurance broker for more than 20 years and is known for providing unparalleled personal service. She works with clients all over the US, has taken courses in financial planning which has proven instrumental in serving her clients and interfacing with other professionals, as she understands that insurance is one part of a person’s financial picture.

Carly is an educator; she carefully presents information in a way that informs and makes her clients feel comfortable with their decisions

Carly lives in Berkeley, CA, but grew up in New Jersey, and attended Sarah Lawrence College. Deciding she needed to experience life outside the New York metropolitan area, she transferred to UC Berkeley, graduated with a degree in East Asian studies, then spent three years in Tokyo. She’s studied Hebrew, Japanese and recently returned from an extended sabbatical in Argentina where she studied Spanish. Carly is committed to living a balanced life—healthy food, plenty of exercise and personal development that includes yoga and meditation. Carly also enjoys life coaching, is currently getting certified through CTI (thecoaches.com) and is a graduate of their Leadership program.
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www.cjbins.com or Linkedin | @CJBinsurance | @coactivelife


300x300 bio picCarole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt – Certified Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Ketogenic Diet Specialist

“Keto Carole,” creator of the 8-Week Keto Diet Boot Camp Program, is fiercely committed to guiding professional women through radical health transformations so that they experience freedom from chronic pain, weight loss that sticks, and boundless energy.

A graduate of Bastyr University, with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, Carole’s career was cut short after being hit by a distracted driver in a car accident in 2014. She spent many months bedridden and disabled, desperate for a solution to heal her brain and chronic pain. When doctors provided no treatment options, she discovered a ketogenic diet of bacon, butter, and burgers (hold the bun) was the delicious answer to her health issues.

Embarking on this radical low carb, high fat diet, she experienced a health revolution and shed nearly 60 pounds in the process. As she began sharing her authentic keto lifestyle on social media, she soon inspired others from around the world to reclaim their health by embracing the healing power of fat.

Connect with Carole and reach out and say, “Hi!”

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Clare DrakeClare Drake is a brand stylist and website designer for creative entrepreneurs all over the world through her work at Hobbes and Co.

Clare’s passion is to create and develop iconic brands for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers that delight their audience. Join the Creative Collective community to get free access to the resource library here.

Clare lives in a small coastal town in the UK with her husband Tom and yellow labrador Hobbes.  When she’s not working she loves to cook, host dinner parties for her friends and family, and drink coffee or wine (depending on what time it is!)

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Deborah Sweeney – Legal Expert, CEO, MyCorporation.com – Calabasas, CA

Deborah Sweeney HeadshotAs CEO of MyCorporation Business Services, Inc. (MyCorporation.com), Deborah Sweeney is an advocate for protecting personal and business assets for business owners and entrepreneurs. With her experience in the fields of corporate and intellectual property law, Deborah has evolved from lawyer to business owner. She has extensive experience in the start-up and entrepreneurial industry as she has been involved in the formation of hundreds of thousands of businesses for MyCorporation.com’s customers.

Ms. Sweeney received her JD & MBA degrees from Pepperdine University. She is active in the community and loves working with students and aspiring entrepreneurs. She serves on the Board of Regents at California Lutheran University and is a founding member of Partners of Pepperdine. Deborah has served as an adjunct professor at the University of West Los Angeles and San Fernando School of Law in the areas of corporate and intellectual property law. Ms. Sweeney is also well-recognized for her written work online as a contributing writer with top business and entrepreneurial blogging sites.  She is a regular contributor on Forbes, American Express, Social Media Today, and BlogHer among many others.

In her ‘free’ time, Deborah enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, Benjamin (8) and Christopher (6). Deborah believes in the importance of family and credits the entrepreneurial business model for giving her the flexibility to enjoy both a career and motherhood. Follow her on Twitter @deborahsweeney and @mycorporation.


Edie BergEdie Berg is the CEE (Chief Executive Everything) at The Strong Women’s Club, which highlights the behind-the-scenes stories of successful women with a weekly podcast.

Edie is also the facilitator of Strong Women’s Mastermind groups and produces Strong Women’s Online Summits.

Edie’s careers have included Physical Therapist, Personal Chef and Culinary Instructor, Executive Administrative Manager and a few other things along the way.

Edie believes that it is never too late to do what you love, that you can live without guilt and that hard work brings good luck.

She has lived in California, Australia, Canada, Boston, and is currently enjoying life CrossFitting, with her blended family of her 4 kids and his 2 kids in Israel.

Edie tweets here: @edieberg

The Strong Women’s Club private Facebook group is here: TheStrongWomensClub


Elaine SlatterElaine Slatter is a Small Business Expert, founder of  XL Consulting Group and author of the popular book, “Fabulous Fempreneurship”, a complete business guide for women.  XL Consulting Group helps entrepreneurs with market planning, strategy, branding, web design and social media. She has over 30 years of executive business and marketing experience and is ready to help you rocket your business to success.  Elaine is passionate about mentoring women to become successful women entrepreneurs.   To find out more, visit XL Consulting Group or join the Fabulous Fempreneurship mastermind.

You can connect with Elaine on social media at:  Facebook Group | Twitter | Facebook


Hillary StrobelHillary Strobel is a single mother, fierce learner and teacher, ardent lover of life, and the ass-kickin’ President and CEO of The Flyways, Inc. We publish story projects that are interactive and highly creative, and 25% of profits are donated to support social justice causes: from business incubators serving vulnerable women, to agencies working to reduce recidivism rates.

Hillary also runs a consultancy for businesses and organizations seeking to meaningfully build social impact programs from the ground up. The three pillars that support this mission are: designing outcomes and developing goals, measuring impact and creating a universal metric, and quantifying results to the public.

After a long and varied career in just about every kind of Liberal Arts field imaginable, and in every type of job — volunteer, employee, entrepreneur, non-profit worker, and freelancer — Hillary has decided to marry her two deepest passions: storytelling and social justice. The results have surpassed her wildest expectations.

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Jamara Wilson
CEO / Founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™

Sitting outside of a bistro reading a good book or typing away on her laptop, with a cup of tea in arms reach, is where you will find this gutsy entrepreneur!

Jamara Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™. A company that helps small businesses establish efficiency through automation and organized systems using integrable applications. Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ provide clients with the confidence needed to grow their business and the time to make it happen.

You can find Jamara compartmentalizing her thoughts on her blogs.

Business Memos From a Gutsy Entrepreneur is a blog Jamara started shortly after launching her business. It’s written for fearless entrepreneurs who want to minimize failures and learn all they can to succeed as the CEO, Chief Everything Officer. His Majesty’s Favorite is an insightful and inspiration blog written to encourage self growth from a place of self actualization.

When not working, you can find Jamara dancing, traveling, spending time with friends, shopping new teas, or walking through the city pretending she’s a tourist. She aims to be in a position to give back to a large community of people in infinite ways.

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Jennie OrmsonJennie Ormson knows the power of a strong relationship, and the impact of a crummy partnership. As a Relationship Expert, her mission is to empower people with the skills they need to communicate effectively, fight fair, and revive the sparkle. Jennie’s core belief is that there is immense power in being heard and feeling understood. Her gift is helping couples understand what’s going on in their emotional landscape, and how to navigate the peaks and valleys. She’s relatable and practical, helping people to balance speaking up and knowing when to shut up.

For over 20 years as a therapist, Jennie has provided insight, compassion, and the ability to thrive. Her work in Canada, America, Ireland, and the UK has impacted thousands of lives. With three young kids, a booming private practice, an exciting online venture, and a partner of 25 years, Jennie understands the need to juggle it all with grace and humour.

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Jodie Final SmallerMy career in the mortgage industry began over 12 years ago and included working as a mortgage broker and holding positions with C.M.H.C., MCAP and C.A.A.M.P. (now Mortgage Professionals Canada). My breadth of knowledge and experience gives me a unique perspective of the industry, allowing me to share my knowledge with my clients and referral partners at every step of the mortgage process. I also advise clients on additional ways to save on interest and pay off their mortgage faster.

As an organization, we understand that not everyone can afford a home, so for every mortgage we fund; we make a donation to a local homeless organization on our client’s behalf.

I also have a passion is teaching others. My training experience includes developing and delivering continuing education courses in the mortgage and real estate industries.

I am a devoted Boston Bruins fan and travel to Boston and other cities every year to cheer on my team. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, travelling and spending time with my family. My family includes my husband, 2 daughters, 3 dogs and 4 hedgehogs.

P- 1-855-684-3397  jodie@mortgageexperience.ca | www.mortgageexperience.ca

Connect with me on LinkedinFacebook and Twitter


Joynicole_MartinezJoynicole Martinez is founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Alchemist Agency, a management consulting firm serving leading corporations, health care facilities, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profit corporations.

Dr. Martinez has 20 years of experience providing capacity-building services, including strategic planning, with a focus on performance management, fund development and impact measurement.

As a community advancement and public health expert, Joynicole has developed initiatives that reach across disciplines to strengthen health and wellness. For example, the development of mixed-income, mixed-finance housing communities that address the social determinants of health, equity and human rights.

If you don’t find Joynicole at work – you’ll find her chasing 3 toddlers and newborn twins – which is the most rewarding job she’s ever had. This is considered extensive cross-training for the marathons she runs annually.

Connect and engage via @Joynicole or on LinkedIn


Keller Head ShotKelley Keller, Esq. is President of Circle Legal and a 20-year veteran of the intellectual property law field. She has deep experience helping businesses of all sizes identify, manage, and protect their trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, including many household brands like Toyota, Disney, and Verizon, which she worked with during her tenure at one of the largest IP law firms in Washington, D.C. At Circle Legal, she focuses on redesigning the legal experience for innovative companies, business owners, and their families by providing comprehensive services that build solid legal, insurance, finance, and tax foundations for her clients (their LIFT Foundations).

Kelley’s personable nature and ability to explain complex legal issues in simple terms set her apart from most attorneys. She is relentless in helping businesses, their owners, and their families mitigate risks and open the doors to new opportunities. You can hear her helping business owners every week on the Circle Legal Business Fix-It Show broadcasting on iHeartRadio, or read her free ebook, “41 Steps to Start a Business and Build Wealth the Right Way.”

You can find Kelley on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.


Laura E. Pence President Social Savvy GeekAs President of Social Savvy Geek, LLC., Laura E. Pence is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners to meet and exceed their goals. She is committed to providing the most engaging and effective strategies for online marketing by combining traditional business networking and marketing fundamentals and best practices with current and engaging online marketing methods and tactics. Laura has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits in the US and abroad. She is the author of the popular article, 10 Tips to Build Your Twitter List Now, which has been published both online and in print in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Connect with her: @SocialSavvyGeek LinkedIn Facebook

A lifetime student herself, Laura has achieved certification as a Computer Administrative Specialist at Beta Tech and has studied Art Education, History, Art History, and Criminal Justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is fascinated with learning, sharing and growing, not just in business, but in life. She participates in US Masters Swimming and has ranked in the top 25 in her age group in both the 50 and 100 yard backstroke. She served in the VA Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer in the 229th Engineer Battalion. She never meets strangers, only friends not yet made– an attitude that serves her extremely well in the networking world, both online and off. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her 2 year old daughter.


13233182_10154837063126679_2013786433_n_SmallLee McCaffrey is a Mother, Entrepreneur and Writer. Together with her husband she has co-founded and co-directs several companies as well as owning, running and being an adviser and board member to several other small-medium businesses. Her vast experience extends from small business management to software development to marketing and graphic design.

Lee is an established writer and ghost writer and is a regular contributor to several online publications. In addition she documents her experiences as a Mother and Woman in business on her blog Business Makes Three.

A passionate creative, Lee lives on beautiful Lake Macquarie in Australia with her husband and two children.

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Marianne D’AlessandroMarianne D’Alessandro knows how busy an executive can be. Marianne has been an Executive Assistant for 30+ years. She has supported many, many, many senior level execs and is now working toward her own virtual assistant business. Her goal is to save time for her clients by looking after their admin tasks. When it comes to public speaking, she conquered her fear more than 20 years ago by taking, and now instructing, the Christopher Leadership Courses of Canada. The highlight for her was traveling to China to train instructors to teach the course there! Marianne loves seeing people take the challenge and conquer the fear by “taming those butterflies!”

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Maya Chendke She Owns ItMarketing consultant, entrepreneur, writer and horse mom Maya Chendke is going through a powerful start-up year. Her company, mPath Creative Consulting, works on website, marketing, content and social media projects that flex her signature hybrid style of creative/analytical. She is also part of a virtual anti-agency, Horsefly Group, where she leads clients with clever ideas and her color-coded iCal.

Her entrepreneurship track record includes a couple of start-ups and a self-published novel (Awake but Dreaming). A rogue introvert, you’ll spot her at start-up meetings sporting riding breeches and a messy bun as the Woz to her Jobs-like partners (or the Sandberg to their Zuckerbergs).

Maya has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management where she was a standout presence in the male-dominated business school environment. She has a certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Summer Institute for General Management and a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University.

She loves to help people make the most of their marketing budget and has an addiction to analytics. She is always on the lookout for great talent and great projects and loves to facilitate introductions.

In her downtime, she’s diligently rehabilitating her rescue horse and reads ~20 books a year. Tweet her @mayachendke


melnewpix_HIres_cmykMelanie Benson Strick is known as America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer because she knows how to boost profits and results with her secret weapon — LEVERAGE. With over 12 years in corporate project management, Melanie works exclusively with thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs who want proven strategies to monetize their big ideas and catapult their success without giving up their life.

Melanie is author of Rewired for Wealth, serves on the Executive Leadership Team for Women Speakers Association, is co-author of Entrepreneur.com’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business and has her success tips featured in magazines such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Parenting Magazine, Woman’s Day and American Express FORUM. Melanie is a proud lifestyle enthusiast and spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world. Find out if you are using all of the right Profit Boosting Factors with this FREE downloadable guidebook on SuccessConnections.com.

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MelissaSteginus_Melissa Steginus is a writer and yoga teacher with a background in social work and a desire to help people live their potential.

A woman of many curiosities, she’s spent the past five years balancing roles in community support and facilitation, behavioural therapy, business operations assistance, content coordination, and more!

Throughout this constant ebb and flow, her purpose has remained the same: to help others live holistically fulfilling lives through connection, exploration, self-awareness, and personal development.

Melissa is now confidently (and with a sigh of relief!) settling into a full-time writing career. She’s also thrilled to be working on her first book, which centers on empowering entrepreneurs through self-care.

When she’s not at her keyboard, you can find Melissa hiking, climbing, and exploring her home on the Canadian west coast.

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Michelle Fav GroupXFitnessTips.comMichelle Fav, PR expert, group fitness instructor and blogger behind GroupXFitnessTips.com.

I have a wide range of interests, but what’s been keeping me up at night lately? My search to find the perfect song to pair with a group exercise routine. I feel on fire when the beat drops in my fitness class and the entire room is moving deafeningly in sync with the music.

My blog GroupXFitnessTips.com brings together fitness instructors from all walks of life to inspire, encourage and learn from each other. When I’m not at the gym, you can find me crafting corporate stories at my day job in public relations (PR).

Coupling my passion for fitness with my professional obsession with communications, I have an array of expertise to share with you, such as branding strategies, blogging 101 tips and healthy living advice for busy entrepreneurs.

Follow me on Twitter (@GroupXMich) and Facebook (GroupXMich).


Savvy web designer with a twist – Monika Beck with Webene – San Diego, CA.

Monika-Beck-AuthorMonika Beck is passionate about website design, web programming, ecommerce, and building businesses. She is a serial entrepreneur and the cofounder of Success Harbor a website dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed. Success Harbor interviews successful entrepreneurs and publishes topics relevant to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Monika started Success Harbor with her cofounder in order to ease the life of entrepreneurs through original research, tips and unique content. Monika is also cofounder of Webene, a website design and online marketing firm based in San Diego, CA. Webene specializes in mobile-friendly responsive websites built on the WordPress platform. Monika loves playing classical music on the piano.


Patricia WeberPatricia Weber: I understand the possible difficulty of being an introvert in business and am on a mission to build the confidence of those more introverted, with a variety of practical tools to navigate communications work and life.

Since 2007, recognized internationally, on radio and in print, for most things introvert I blog at http://patricia-weber.com Followers, who regularly comment find the messages both resonate with them and inspire them.

My recent book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Find your voice in everyday business situations, is something a publisher asked me to write –imagine that.

If you are fed up with the often, uncomfortable extrovert rules, or tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired.

I am NOT shy. Many introverts are not either.

My work is not my life. I have other interests, in the past: had my own Harley Davidson (FX model no longer manufactured) until I slid horizontally a few times!

That’s why now; I go along with my husband in our safer car hobby.

Also, we enjoy traveling. We go from one coast to another to have the joy of seeing my son and his family including two granddaughters. On occasion, it’s off to Europe.

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Rory GardinerRory Gardiner They say if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Singer/Songwriter/Author/Entrepreneur/Comedian/Lactose Intolerant Rory Gardiner has seen the success of his compositions published and performed by other artists, as well as songs licensed and synched in TV advertisements airing daily throughout North America.

Rory has appeared on multiple CMT(Country Music Television) nationally broadcasted reality shows in Canada, and keeps a busy 100+ shows a year touring schedule.

Author of “Break Free: The Road Map for Building a Healthy Lifestyle & Breaking Bad Habits.” Using humor, parable and motivation, Rory outlines how the right small changes in a busy lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on how you look and feel.

Rory has recently released his first country music children’s record “Yee-Haw” on iTunes, influenced by becoming a parent himself. The album has already been awarded a “Parents Choice Award”, and Rory states “I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!”

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Stephanie Taylor - She Owns ItStephanie combines her outgoing personality, creativity and organizational skills in serving as a key member in her current role at leading franchise-focused public relations agency, All Points PR in Deerfield, IL. She leads a team of associates to help more than 10 clients build their brand awareness, maintain customer loyalty, and reach new audiences through integrated public relations, graphic design, digital marketing and social media efforts.

Outside of the office she enjoys sampling the newest craft beer, devouring french fries in massive amounts, crafting, spending time with family/friends, exercising and traveling.

Stephanie lives in Chicago, IL with her fiancé Matthew and is currently planning their September 2016 wedding and New Zealand honeymoon.

And, because everyone likes a new connection – connect with her!  -> LinkedIn | Twitter


Tanea SmithTanea Smith is the Owner & Creative Director of She’s Got Papers, a lifestyle greeting card & gift company with designs that are as powerful as they are witty and life affirming. But that’s only half the story.

As New York City’s Side Hustle Expert & an Inspirational Business Speaker she teaches women how to launch their own businesses while working full time. The “juggle” as she calls it is not for the faint of heart but Tanea believes that with passion, the right mindset and the proper tools it is possible for every woman to build the business of her dreams. Easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely.

Her mantra: There is life beyond your current gig!

Tanea has been featured in Essence, More, About.com, American Express Forum & The Wendy Williams Show.

Tanea has spoken at St. John’s University, City College of New York, New York University as well as a host of churches & women’s groups.  She has a PhD. in thriving despite the odds. She is an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

See her stationery collection at: www.shesgotpapers.com

Take the journey with her & get inspired to begin yours at www.taneasmith.com

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Toni NelsonToni Nelson is a Marketing and Branding Entraineur, Award winning Photographer/Videographer, Author, Speaker, Business Coach.  The people who work with Toni are Entrepreneurs and service based business owners who are looking to save time, boost productivity and profitability using money making marketing tools.  You can gain access to some of these tools for free by going to:  http://thesecretstomarketingsuccess.com/course/free-resource-center/

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wendinewpicThey say life changes dramatically once you run a marathon. To increase her chances of life change, Wendi Weiner ran two marathons (NYC and Chicago) and they allowed her to revel in living life fearlessly and chasing her dreams at all risks.

She’s an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who is creatively known as The Writing Guru, and runs a successful resume and LinkedIn profile services company under that same name. Wendi is the paradigm of what happens when you dream big and hustle even harder – she took her writing and career industry talents to the next level. Her skills have earned her ranking as the #1 Resume Expert, membership as a Forbes Career Coach, an invitation to be a contributor for The Huffington Post, and countless published articles about everything career-related.

Incorporating her analytical legal mind with the highest certifications in the industry (she’s the only Nationally Certified Resume Writer who is also an attorney) has allowed Wendi to serve as the leading authority in resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, and job search strategies. Wendi doesn’t miss a beat – she’s also a board member for The National Resume Writers’ Association and a dedicated philanthropist.

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Copy of ProfilePic1Hey there, I’m William Light, but you can call me Will. I’m a content editor, digital organization coach, and journaling mentor. I’m the owner of Doubled Visions, where I blog about the content creation process from research to editing, digital organization systems, and business journaling, all from a mindfulness perspective. I emphasize finding your business & life purpose and letting your community impact goals guide you even more than your financial goals.

I consider myself an educator first and foremost, and I teach millennial online business owners to bring order to their chaos through editing, digital organization, and journaling. I have a free 30 day journaling challenge to guide you through discovering your purpose, both in business and life. You can sign up for the Journal to Purpose challenge here.

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Yvonne English PictureYvonne English is a self-professed startup geek who lives in Western Pennsylvania. Having founded several companies of her own, she has also coached multiple startups through raising millions, dealing with founders’ dilemmas, and maneuvering through acquisitions. She loves working with founders who are passionate about making the world a better place and serves a portfolio of startup clients that match that criteria.

Before finding her niche in entrepreneurship, Yvonne spent time in the corporate world in Canada and the US. While she made some great friends and learned a lot, she couldn’t come to terms with a lifetime career in a large company. After much self reflection, she made the leap and founded a business incubator in 2010 where she coached 21 companies during her five years at the helm. She is now the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grove City College.

Yvonne loves technology, teaching, theatre, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. She’s married to an amazing guy, Kyle, and has a quirky little dog who prefers to be called by her full name – Juno English.

She also loves to meet new people, so please connect:  LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Website .










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