Copywriting Success in Easy Steps

How can you write copy that sells and sells and sells? You can either hire someone, or you can just learn to write great copy yourself. From beginner to a moderate degree of skill will take about three months. To write your first high-converting piece of copy will take about six months.

Copywriting is not rocket science. If you speak fluent English, chances are you can learn to write great copy soon. Here’s how.

=> Read the Gary Halbert Letters

Gary Halbert was one of the greatest copywriters to ever live. In fact, he’s the writer who wrote the one piece of copy that’s been mailed more than any other piece of copy on the planet.

Though he recently passed away, all his previous works and teachings are still freely available online. Reading through all his previous works and newsletters will give you a very strong start in learning how to copywrite.


=> Study Everything You Can

Study everything you can about the various parts of the sales process. Learn how to …

* Write a good headline
* Direct people’s attention
* Intensify the problem and create a solution
* Ask for the sale
* Build proof
* Use power words

Study everything you can from different teachers about everything it takes to make a sale online.

=> Start a Swipe File

One of the best ways to learn is to study people who are already great. One way to do so is to create a swipe file.

Sign up to as many newsletters or magazines as you can. You’ll immediately start getting letters in the mail trying to pitch to you.

Any that catch your attention, keep them in a folder. This is your swipe file.

Similarly, create a separate email account online. Sign up for as many newsletters as you can. Save any email or favorite, or “star” any email that catches your attention.

In just a few weeks, you’ll have access to tons of great sales material to learn from and draw inspiration from.

=> Start Writing

Writing copy isn’t something you can learn in theory. You have to actually start writing to really get the hang of it.

After you feel like you’ve got the basics, write your first sales letter. Even if it’s just for someone else’s product or your own product and you have no idea how you’re going to drive traffic to it, just write the letter anyway.

Alternatively, offer to write one for free on a marketing forum online, just for the sake of having a sample (if you want to freelance) and to get experience.

Whatever it’s going to take to get some experience, just do it to get started. Then aim to write at least one sales letter every six weeks or so to build up your skill.

Learning to write great copy is one of the highest paid skills you can possibly learn. It’s not difficult, though it does take effort to start. Learn this skill and it will pay off handsomely for you for the rest of your life.

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