Crowdsourcing Confidence by @PhyllisNichols

by Phyllis Nichols | Featured Contributor

The most self-assured person needs a little help now and then. How do you go about setting up a team to give you a boost when you need it? In a perfect world we’d all have a team just waiting to listen when we need to vent, offer soothing words of support and little kick in the pants when we need it.

I’ve been lucky to find that rare combination and in the last few months I realized how much I go to and depend on them. I’m also happy to be a tiny part of their team when they need it too – although if we were keeping score (thank heavens we don’t) I’d be forever making amends and trying to catch up with their generous help.

Like many things in my life – this wasn’t intentionally planned but came together from a place of common interest, a desire to stay connected and a need to give and receive a little help along the way.  And none of it would have happened without twitter, a movement, and a few people who wanted to help those in need.

I’m a big fan of twitter. (Follow me @phyllisnichols and send me a message so we can connect!) This is one of the reasons why.  I started following a group of people who were talking about things that interested me.  Topics like sales and marketing (naturally) but also stuff like engaging customers and how to be honest and ethical while making money online.  This wasn’t a group of aggressive know-it-all types but honest, earnest people who were trying to figure out how the heck they could earn a few dollars from their blog including how to take an offline business online.

During a twitter chat, the leader of our merry band asked about doing an online fundraiser.  Would anyone else be interested?  After working together using skype and google docs our successful charity event was over.  And new friendships had been formed.

I’m lucky that I was asked to join the mastermind group and I’m so thankful that we mesh well despite differences in age, geography and background.

You can do the same thing with intention!  Here’s what I’ve learned and how you can build your very own team to provide advice, support and people who won’t let you make excuses for being anything other than your very best!

Find people who are smarter than you.

I am lucky that the geniuses in our group let me in. Ask people that you know will challenge you intellectually.

Seek diversity.

In all ways. We have 3 women, two men. Ages late twenties to sixty-ish. 3 live in the US. 2 are in Europe.  You can’t get a new perspective from people just like you.

Look for people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

In my case, we had been on a few skype chats when working on the charity event, so I was already aware that everyone was willing to jump in and give their two cents on a topic. You don’t want a bully who needs everything their way, but you won’t benefit from a team that always agrees with everything you say or do.

Search for those with skills and abilities you don’t possess.

If you are a whiz writing code, find a writer, a musician, an accountant, someone in education. I learn from those in my group because they have skills that I don’t. They approach projects differently, and help me see multiple ways of doing things.

And finally, ask for help.

I am a more confident entrepreneur because I have people who “get” me. They willingly help me when I ask and offer suggestions and advice even when I make a mess of asking. Knowing that they won’t mind looking at my copy or listening to my audio and giving me honest, reliable feedback means I can try something new. Push a crazy idea out there without fear. Make a change when it’s not working.

Confidence comes when we know we’re in a safe place, doing our best work with people who appreciate who we are.  Do that for someone else and allow them to be there for you.

How does your team help you build your confidence?


Note from Melissa Stewart: Phyllis is an amazing woman that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting “IRL” (in real life). Phyllis has had some “challenges” recently but hasn’t let life’s curve balls keep her down! We met on Twitter and I completely understand the magic of “crowdsourcing” and the miracles that can transpire from these connections and all the twists and turns life hands us.

Phyllis Nichols is a Salesologist teaching you how to get them to say YES! From her site: “Empowering you to do what you love, and do it better. Making the sales process easy, straightforward and enjoyable. Ridding the world of manipulative, controlling, dishonest sales practices one business at a time. Using my razor-sharp insight to help you focus on making a difference”. Follow her on twitter or check out her website.

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5 Replies to “Crowdsourcing Confidence by @PhyllisNichols”

  1. Phyllis Nichols

    Ah, Gail – I’m glad we’re working together too! I’m honored to be on your team – and the ideas? Those come from your amazing passion for what you do – when I hear you talk about that… I see all the wonderful possibilities!

  2. Gail Adkins

    Glad you’re on MY team, Phyllis. You had so many ideas, I thought I was hearing from a crowd…er…mastermind group… Thanks for a great post and for taking on my challenge.

  3. Phyllis Nichols

    Thanks Martin, I feel the same about you!

  4. Martin

    Phyllis, everybody should have the privilege of being in a MasterMind group with someone like you.

  5. Phyllis Nichols

    LaVonne – thanks and you are so right! Remembering we offer value is so important. Great reminder!

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