Don’t we all want to change the world?

by Erin Giles

Like many others, I started off 2012 wanting something new for the year. Something bigger for my business, something greater for my family and most of all I wanted to make a change in the world.

Don’t we all feel like that at times? Wondering if we are really making a difference. If what we are doing with our lives is serving anyone but ourselves?

I ended 2011 with a two week break from social media. I was tired of thinking about branding, SEO, newsletters, blogging, analytics, tweets, updates and I just knew I needed some time off.   This break proved to be a beautiful entry into 2012 with fresh ideas and one crazy life changing virtual event.

During the holidays, I viewed a documentary about global sex trafficking called, Nefarious. This movie spurred me into action and it wasn’t until I had a fast from social media, that it came to me. End Sex Trafficking Day. 27 million people are enslaved in human trafficking, the modern day form of slavery. And WE can make a difference, with THIS revolution. Watch the 2 minute video below.

YOU, as a female, as an entrepreneur can make a difference. Whether you start a revolution or touch one heart with your blog post, I have learned to never doubt that. And, today, you have an opportunity to move this revolution forward, to be a part of it, OUR revolution to free women.

This book will free women with its sales. But first, it needs to get published. We are in the midst of a 30 day fundraising campaign, a kickstarter campaign of sorts…with about 15 days to go.

And you can help this book come to life.

Whatever you can give, every dime helps. Let’s be impossible to ignore and show this industry, the second largest industry in the world that we are up for the fight, up for screwing business as usual with a book that doesn’t “serve” us but fights for these women and girls

Click here to donate any amount and please include your name and website link so that I can post your name to the donors page on the website.

Thank you for giving, taking the time to read this post and sharing the End Sex Trafficking Day site with everyone you love.

Erin Giles is a coach that empowers her clients to be stronger than their excuses and shines light on their possibilities with one-on-one and group coaching. You can connect with her on her site here or on twitter @erinmgiles.

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5 Replies to “Don’t we all want to change the world?”

  1. Erin GIles

    Stan- I actually have all of my writers but giving + sharing are the two most important needs right now:) Thank you!!


  2. Stan Faryna

    Your cause is beautiful.

    Living in Romania where children and women are abducted, trafficked, exploited, or worse, I am keenly aware of the heart-breaking problem.

    How can I contribute as a writer?

  3. Erin Giles

    And some of the amazing writers include Danielle La Porte, Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields, Leo Baubata and Carol Roth:)!

    1. admin

      Erin I’m so inspired by what you’re doing & honored to support such an amazing project. YOU are the change we need in the world! xoxo

      1. Erin GIles

        Thank you Melissa! Thank you for allowing me to use this platform to spread the word:)! 13 days to go!

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