Don’t we all want to change the world?

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5 Replies to “Don’t we all want to change the world?”

  1. Erin GIles

    Stan- I actually have all of my writers but giving + sharing are the two most important needs right now:) Thank you!!


  2. Stan Faryna

    Your cause is beautiful.

    Living in Romania where children and women are abducted, trafficked, exploited, or worse, I am keenly aware of the heart-breaking problem.

    How can I contribute as a writer?

  3. Erin Giles

    And some of the amazing writers include Danielle La Porte, Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields, Leo Baubata and Carol Roth:)!

    1. admin

      Erin I’m so inspired by what you’re doing & honored to support such an amazing project. YOU are the change we need in the world! xoxo

      1. Erin GIles

        Thank you Melissa! Thank you for allowing me to use this platform to spread the word:)! 13 days to go!

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