Expert Branding Advice – Increase Etsy Shop Traffic using Social Media

by Mys Palmer


It’s time to shop!

Erh, I mean it’s time to talk shop.

Yup… Etsy shops.

More specifically, an easy social media strategy for getting more traffic and subsequent sales on Etsy.

After all, no traffic no sales.

Increase Etsy shop traffic via Social media


(Directly anyway)

Every social site, for the most part, doesn’t charge to open an account and post your updates.

Now, how many people see your posts, eh, perhaps you can pay to increase that.

Social networking is about engagement though.

So, social media does cost us.

We invest time, energy, planning and hire help when it comes to building our social media fans, followers and tweeps.

And authentic engagement can’t be bought.

So when you need to DIY your social media, don’t waste time with every new strategy…or every new network for that matter.

Every network has its perks: Fb vs. Twitter, etc.

There is also Tumblr, Triberr, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram.

This begs the question, can you afford to be everywhere?

I’ve successfully increased my Etsy shop traffic and consequently doubled my sales every week.

Plus I have my blog to run.

Can’t forget ‘bout my fabulous clients.

Oh, and engaging with fellow sellers and entrepreneurs.

So, no I sincerely can’t afford to everywhere.

The 3 big guys are the social networks that have been proven to drive and increase Etsy shop traffic.

For me, and a whole bunch of other sellers.

So, before you can begin increasing traffic to your Etsy shop, you need a strategy.

An action plan.

And I don’t just do the “tips” thing.


I’m more of a Do this, don’t do that…yet advice giver.

So I’m gonna walk through these 3 giants and give you the skinny on an exact strategy you can use to focus your efforts and of course, increase Etsy shop traffic.

Social media=Increased Shop traffic

Facebook – No introduction necessary, but a bunch of changes have been made to the reach pages have organically.

Your fans have to go through a series of steps, after liking your page, to actually receive your updates in their news feed.

So I use Facebook to promote fellow brands, entrepreneurs and influencers posts 70%-80% of the time.

Strategy: Popular posts are seen by a larger percentage of your fan base. So sharing others posts gives you that leverage. Once your update is in your fans news feed, it’s more likely the fan will visit your actual page.

Twitter is fantastic for viral content and conversations. Brands and influencers are more responsive to their RT’s and mentions than they are to comments on their FB updates.

Strategy: I use JustRetweet to stay connected to tweets by top bloggers and entrepreneurs worth following. Plus when I post to the JR site, those influencers retweet my tweets.

Once they do, I can thank them and have conversations with them. It’s as simple as, “thanks for the RT! So, how’s Wednesday treating you?”

Not to mention, those retweets are seen by their followers. That means I easily reach millions more TARGETED tweeps than I would by tweeting normally.

BONUS Blog Commenting– Now this tip is geared specifically to the Etsy shop owners who run blogs, or who guest post on others’ blogs.

Preferably you’re both.

Strategy: Make a goal of commenting on 6-10 CommentLuv Premium enabled blogs a week, or per post, whichever is most manageable.

I prefer to keep it to 5 blogs 5 times week and 6-10/post.

This strategy gets not only eyes but engagement on your posts. Good etiquette is to visit your commenter’s blogs. If their blog posts rock, comment. If not you shouldn’t feel any way about not engaging them on their sites.

So since I know you’re an awesome blogging practitioner you can leverage that etiquette into high-quality traffic.

Plus, choosing commentluv premium blogs (list of blogs here) means you get a high-quality backlink attached to your comment. Traffic two-fold. Me likey!

The jury’s still out on Pinterest but I’ve already started developing my action steps for that strategy. Is that a post you’d like to see on the fabuloso She Knows It?

Alrighty guys that’s it.

If you’ve got your own ingenious tips to increase Etsy shop traffic using social media, share with us in the comments.

Photo Credit: sga77 via Compfight cc

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