Faith is a Renewable Resource

by Melissa Stewart

I was thrilled when Leesa Barnes asked me to be a part of her “30-Days to Uncovering Naked Faith Blog Series” and I knew immediately what my title would be (one of my favorite tweets) “Faith is a Renewable Resource” – how perfect is that? Well, it seemed that way to me anyway!

It’s a great series and I encourage you all to hop on over and sign up! Catch up on the amazing posts that are already up and read my post which is “LIVE” today! Comments are appreciated and encouraged 🙂

Excerpt from my guest post:

“Do you tweet? I do. Possibly a little too much but I can’t help myself. Yes, it’s partly for business, but it’s personal more that anything. I love connecting people. I love inspiring people. I love being a purveyor of possibility & the CIO (chief inspiration officer)!

When I heard about Leesa’s 30-Day Naked Faith blog series I knew I wanted to be a part of it! Why? I believe that faith and hope are renewable resources and I believe that the world needs more positive messages. I want to be that message for someone. We need to believe in ourselves, believe in tomorrow, and believe in the abundance that surrounds us.”

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2 Replies to “Faith is a Renewable Resource”

  1. Leesa Barnes

    Melissa, I’m so excited that you said “Yes!” It’s hard to tell who’s a woman of faith, but somehow, I knew you were. Any woman who loves coffee as much as I do must love the same Source as I do 😉

    1. admin[ Post Author ]

      Thank you Leesa! Blessed to have met you. xoxo

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