Go Light Your World – Quotes for You by @JanRMiesse

by Jan R. Miesse

You are a candle wherever you are. I am a candle wherever I am. Are we bringing light, do we shine?

“Move toward darkness and you’ll wish you had a light, so that you could find your way.”

Where there is very little light, decide to shine from your heart. There are too many women who have no vision for themselves, who have no light for their path and no passion for illuminating the way. Walking from darkness into lighter day is exhilarating and satisfying.

*Choose whether you want to be the unlit candle or the candle that glows
*Make each day a challenge by glowing through your insight, your experiences
*Offer your encouragements to others and be sincere in every conversation and action
*Repeat to yourself every day – “I am an example to those I touch in my sphere. I will show the best part of me to everyone I meet today”
*Drape yourself with an attitude of gratitude and respect for other women just as you want to be treated
*Glow from your heart sharing the best possible smiles, be in your best form and warm someone’s day
*Be authentic in everything you do. People can tell when they don’t really matter to you

Have you heard people ask others, “How are you?” and the reply is “Oh, OK.” The person walks on out of sight. Here lies a perfect opportunity to go a step farther and ask that person a question of concern and offer some support. A listening ear goes far when someone needs a soft shoulder or a sincere note of compassion. Comfort appears in many ways and your care can make an exceptional difference to someone else.

If we walked around with our candles glowing the world would be a different place. Along with that lit candle that glows you will cast shimmers of beauty. Show the way through a heart of strength, beauty, understanding and truth. Our world could be more vibrant, transformed and amazingly brilliant.

Re-energize your passion for life. Re-vitalize your focus on what really matters.

Let me be the one who begins each day with my candle shining so that you may see my light and my hope. May you then light your candle and glow to everyone around so that they may realize their responsibility to carry a torch too. They will feel a sense of sisterhood and warmth.

Through struggles and sadness, our light should still shine. Through hardship, rocky roads and distractions, our candles might be diminished but should never go out. Our path will be lost, our steps unsure, our hearts depressed and our load much heavier when we no longer find ways to shine.

If you don’t think you have anything to shine about to share with anyone else, look around you. When life gives you lemons and challenges, choose joy instead. There is always someone in a bigger struggle living a more difficult life. Give your best because it is more than other people have sometimes. Share your inspiration toward a better day.

If you want to know what to contribute or how to connect your dimly lit candle to a higher power source or to an electrified passion for life, contact me. There are opportunities in your life to benefit others and help them grow and blossom into more radiant human beings.

Go light your world.


Jan R. Miesse – I have always loved to empower women through business and life experience. A leader in many community groups and a business owner all of my life, enhancing joy is my goal. After college, I continued to enlarge my passion through health, coaching, marketing and training to bring joy to everyone that I meet. I love family, friends, art, music, writing, reading, the power of God and abundant daily joy.

My first non-fiction book for women includes many quotes by women about many facets of life. In Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers) you will hear the voices of many women as they speak through tears, sadness and into joy, perseverance and truth. Enjoy the garden path and journey through rocks, stony trails into meadows of amazing beauty of God’s creation. Identity with the hearts and souls of women who have led life in ways of strength through trials. This book might just change your life!


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