How to Describe Your Services So They Sell

by Melodye Hunter

When a potential client lands on your site they don’t have the opportunity to ask you questions. That’s why you need to be proactive and address their concerns right on your site.

Start by focusing on the problem you are trying to solve and really get inside your potential client’s head. Imagine what information they need before they are ready to purchase from you.

Start with answering the basics: who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much. Then use the checklist below to cover your bases.

1. Address the pains.

Let prospects know you understand their problems and you have created a service to solve their problem.

2. List the benefits.

Benefits are the deeper reason people buy. You may have heard sell the hole, not the drill. That means what people really want is the hole, the drill is just the means to get it. When you talk benefits show prospects what they’ll really get when they purchase from you.

3. Show your credibility.

People want to buy from experts so be sure to share evidence of your ability to solve their problems, by listing your credentials, awards, and affiliations.

4. Prove their investment.

Make sure prospects know what they are purchasing from you is an investment, not a fee. Point out what their return will be.

5. Craft an incentive.

Give people a reason to act now. Think about what complementary bonus you can add to sweeten the pot and entice your prospect to take action now.

6. Provide testimonials.

Use the full name, picture and website address, if available, of your happy clients to build your reputation with prospects who aren’t familiar to you.

7. Tell your story.

By telling your story you make a personal connection with prospects. Don’t be afraid to share your struggle and challenges that’s where people will really relate to you.

8. Guarantee their satisfaction.

Some people need to know that if things do not work out they are protected. It also shows that you believe wholeheartedly in your product or service and will allow buyers to purchase without hesitation.

9. Package it pretty.

The way you present your product or service speaks volumes to your potential clients. Use appealing graphics and polished formatting to present your offering in a professional light. Prospects will judge the quality of your offerings by the quality of your presentation.

Use these tips to quickly draft sales pages and product descriptions that sell for you.

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3 Replies to “How to Describe Your Services So They Sell”

  1. Keith Davis

    Hi Melodye
    Nine great points, which would make a great check list for any small biz.

    I use a large paragraph in the middle of my home page explaining why they should use me.
    Nice and big so you can’t miss it.

    Plus if you are in the web design business your home page has to have a little bit of a WOW factor so graphics are important.
    Spend time finding the right graphics… even if you have to pay for them.

  2. Lloyd Pro Group

    We are big believers in sharing our STORY and then the story of our happy clients through testimonials.

    Here is another one…

    Since people already have preconceived fears & ideas why ignore them?

    Address them in your introduction so that they can put those aside and concentrate on the benefits your service / product will share.

    You can use your testimonials to do this by telling the story of how client had this fear or concern BEFORE and how they feel NOW after working with you.

    Lloyd Pro Group | Nationwide Insurance
    2980 Cobb Parkway Southeast #172, Atlanta, GA 30339
    (404) 892-2864 (404) 892-2572 (Fax)

    1. Melodye

      Great point. I agree, the story increases the value. You can make it as simple as sending a client a short follow up email after working together and ask them:

      1. What were you struggling with before working with me?

      2. What is happening in your business / life as a result of working with me?

      3. What advice would you give to someone thinking of hiring me?

      That template will get you great testimonials.

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