How To Spark Your Creativity by @tochi5

Running and Carefree

by Tochi Eze

As an entrepreneur, sometimes all you need to take your business to the next level, with astounding products and satisfied clients, is a phenomenal, mouth watering, ground breaking idea… sometimes 🙂

The only problem is these ideas (in some cases, simply a spark and freshening up to existing content) don’t come as often nor as easy as we like. But hey, heaven forbid that you stay stuck in a rut of ordinariness. It is your obligation to the greater cause of humanity to constantly reel out content that wows your readers.

Why? Because IT IS possible to be amazing PLUS totally awesome. It is possible to be ridiculously inspiring and churn out content that inspires your readers.

I basically want to share information (aka strategies) that work for me each time I need to come up with content or copy and my creative juices seem well… frozen.

So next time you need a burst of inspiration while developing your mission statement, web copy, brand portfolio or maybe just repainting your kitchen, you can consider these guidelines:


1. De-clutter your life:

You know how it is. You find stuff you never knew you had when you dare to clean up your room! Well, creativity is like that. That sizzling rush of words/genius is somewhere hidden underneath tons of activity and whatever you have going on.  No matter how busy you get, do not trade in your fantasy time. Do not compromise your ” ME” time. Seriously. Don’t!

I find that creativity favors the simple, the less you have to do, the more room you give your mind to randomly wonder and explore areas you never knew existed.


2. Get outrageous:

It’s okay to be downright ridiculous, adventurously minded – to be unconventional. Don’t be afraid to open the box bottom side first. As a matter of fact, make it your business to side step conventions and to break rules (as long as you are not going to get arrested). Bottom line, train your mind to think radically.


3. Play hard:

All work and no play makes you a very boring and unproductive entrepreneur. Get your groove on and your fun going. You don’t have to party all night or anything like that, just learn to laugh, be silly, sing in the bathroom, tease a client, and indulge fun activities that tickle you.


4. Watch lots of movies:

This is my personal favorite. Movies rock! Scratch that. Good movies rock! They guide your imagination and inspire your dreams. Nothing like a phenomenal couch marathon to get your creative juices flowing. For real, this works!


5. Read books:

Books help you travel, explore, and imbibe cultures. You know, just empower yourself with new information. Books are awesome!


6. Relax and let it come to you:

Having done one or all of these, relax, be your self, and let the creative ideas come rushing to you.


Now your turn! How do you spark off your creative genius? This should be fun, I can’t wait to read your comments.


28Hi there, My name is Tochi Eze all the way from Lagos, Nigeria. 

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3 Replies to “How To Spark Your Creativity by @tochi5”

  1. Susan Ekins

    Great ideas! Getting out in nature also helps me be creative. I either go for a walk or I sit by a river or lake.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    I dig 1 and 6, but great list overall!

    Letting go clutter opens you up to unlimited creativity, because clutter is a chief culprit in blocks…yep, the same blocks which block your most creative ideas.

    Meditating helps me a great deal in fostering my creativity. Once present, a world of possibilities opens before you.


    1. Avatar photo
      Melissa Stewart

      Thank you Ryan! Tochi is one of one of our new contributors and I’m loving this first post!

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