How To Take An $80.00 Prototype & Turn It Into $15,000 In Five Minutes by @LisaCashHanson

by Lisa Cash Hanson

I know the title doesn’t sound remotely possible. However  that’s exactly what happened to me just a few short days ago. I’m sure many of you have had some amazing ideas. Well recently so did I. In the beginning that’s all it was just something in my head. I became a first time mom this past year and something about that makes your mind find creative ways to solve problems you never knew you would have. Like a baby that you would swear is the offspring of a contortionist on the diaper changing table. Such was my dilema with Matilda. Squirming kicking, you name it she did it.

So I created the SnuggWugg.

The SnuggWugg TM is a revolutionary interactive diaper changing pillow that’s paving the way for happy babies and parents everywhere. By fusing fun and functionality into one amazing product and surrounding babies in a plush snug fit SnuggWugg TM makes diaper changing woes a thing of the past.

Twisting, turning and “helping” hands are replaced by play and interaction via eengaging sights, sounds, features and the usage of smart phones and our patent pending SnuggWugg TM apps. Making diaper changes easy for parents, fun for babies. SnuggWugg TM is the only diaper changing product to combine cutting edge technology, fun, imagination, comfort and functionality all in one experience. SnuggWugg TM is sure to be one of the most sought after baby products ever introduced into the marketplace.

That’s my professional description anyway. Now here is the kicker. I had this wonderful idea. Immediately my mind was flooded with thoughts of terms that I didn’t understand. Terms like: Safety testing, manufacturing, factoring, licensing, outsourcing, patents, provisional patent, and the list goes on and on. Immediately I started to think, ” I have no idea how to do this.” And that was almost the end. But I recognized this little voice from times past. It was a slight touch of self doubt. Filled with “what if, I don’t know how, that’s too much money” and every other defeating phrase that many entrepreneurs battle from time to time.

This time though I stopped every thought and said, ” I’ll just take the next step.” “When that step is finished, I’ll take the next one.” And so it continued. Suddenly I was holding a prototype of a very cool baby product and still wasn’t sure what to do next. Then I heard about the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program. It’s amazing really. Huggies selects a group of moms, this year it was 11 of us out of about 900 and they award seed money for your product idea. $15,000 worth of seed money.

Now I could have thought,” This is just a prototype I should develop this idea further, Kimberly-Clark is huge I should be more prepared, I need a better website, and you know the rest. But I didn’t. I submitted with total abandonment and the result? A little over 3 months or so later I received a phone call. It wasn’t very long only about 5 minutes. It was the head of branding for Huggies. He said Huggies wanted to move me up to the next level. I said, “Awesome!” He asked all types of questions and I answered. Suddenly he asked,”Lisa, What would you do if you won?” I said , ” I would get the SnuggWugg made because I know it will help parents and they are going to absolutely love it”

To which he said,’Well Lisa Huggies would like you to go get the SnuggWugg made because we are giving you $15,000′!  After I stopped crying and screaming he went through the rest of the details and shortly thereafter I was on a flight courtesy of Huggies and Kimberly-Clark to the ABC Kids Expo in Kentucky accepting my Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Award.  So how did I get that $15,000 in five minutes? I had to start. If you have a dream, stop talking yourself out of it. As Tom Hanks said in a League Of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball.” And I say, “There’s no self doubting entrepreneur” Go for it!


Lisa Cash HansonLisa Cash Hanson is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and the voice of encouragement and empowerment to women entrepreneurs around the world.  Lisa teaches business owners the art of client attraction, how to leverage the Internet to boost sales, and strategies to make her client’s business stand apart from the crowd.  Lisa has been named Top 25 Mompreneur, Top Mom Tech,  Top  40 Mompreneurs to follow on Twitter & Recently received the 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant for  the SnuggWugg. Lisa has also been  featured on Yahoo!, CNBC, Review Journal, Problogger, Firepole Marketing. Visit & start living the life of your dreams.

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7 Replies to “How To Take An $80.00 Prototype & Turn It Into $15,000 In Five Minutes by @LisaCashHanson”

  1. jerry sawyer

    Great and creative minds really do the impossible! This is something very amazing and interesting! Great job Lisa! Thanks for sharing this incredible story!

  2. Kari Ann

    Congratulations on this great accomplishment! I love your Step by Step Approach and I think many of us forget to take one step at a time and just get it done!! You are an inspiration that it is possible!

  3. Dr. Amy

    Such a great story! When Huggies picked Buzzy4shots, it was the first official validation that I’d had an idea that could really help other moms. The help of all the fantastic Huggies moms makes MomInspired the best club I’ve ever belonged to. Way to go, Lisa!

    1. Lisa Cash Hanson

      Thanks Amy Your product is awesome too!

  4. Myna

    What an exciting product. I hope everthing goes forward for you, and it will be all that you dreamed of. Thank you for showing us what we can do with an idea!

  5. Kristin Alexandra Tidwell

    Lisa is amazing! Her passion and drive is an inspiration to so many women!

  6. Lisa Cash Hanson

    Thank you for having me here today. I really help this inspires anyone with a dream in their heart. You never know where adding action to your dreams may lead.

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