Infographic on How to be Happier at Work

At ExpoCart, we take the happiness of our employees seriously. From enjoying their day to day work to ensuring they have a great work-life balance, happiness in the workplace is important to us. To help all of our employees and beyond increase their job satisfaction, feel happier at work, become more productive, and reduce stress levels, we created this infographic with tips, advice and helpful hints.

With mental health in the workplace a hot topic that needs to be openly discussed throughout offices and businesses worldwide, we hope to get the conversation started, here at ExpoCart.

Satisfaction Stats

Did you know that only 51% of people are satisfied with their jobs? Alongside this, 90% of people said they were stressed in their jobs. These aren’t the most positive of statistics.

So, our infographic aims to combat these issues, looking at what actually leads to job satisfaction, as well as 7 key things you can implement to start to reduce stress levels. From cutting out multi-tasking to welcoming feedback, we also take a closer look at 13 top tips for building more happiness for yourself in the workplace.

Let’s Talk About Work Happiness

It’s not just us talking about happiness at work. Publications as big as The Telegraph The Telegraph have been discussing the importance of happiness and the effect it can have on people, employees and the community.

Interestingly, The Telegraph’s article discusses the diminishing levels of happiness with higher income earners. This leads to the conclusion that pay is not a high factor when it comes to work happiness. Becoming more positive will come from a focus on forgetting societal pressures for happiness, such as wealth, marriage and property and paying more attention to creating our own narrative using the smaller everyday experiences of life is what will give us happiness.

International Day of Happiness

On the 20th March, 2019 it was International Day of Happiness, from a community created by and for people striving to create more happiness in their lives. This year, the theme was Happier Together, which focuses on bringing people together

In a time when work happiness is divided and stress is at an all-time high, International Day of Happiness is something we could all do with getting on board with. Starting with creating this infographic to encourage people to address what is making them unhappy in the workplace, ExpoCart aims to build a bigger conversation, leading to better job satisfaction, more productive employees, and, most importantly, happier faces in the office.

Infographic on How to be Happier at Work

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