Instagram Influencer Marketing and Consumer Conversations in 2020


by Shane Barker

How can an influencer help you with brand promotions?

The key to successful marketing lies in understanding buyers’ psychology. People are always looking up to other people for recommendations and reviews about products and services.

Many people also trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. However, people have become warier of online reviews as brands often create fake positive reviews to improve credibility.

Consumers today don’t trust online reviews blindly. They take the time to look for more information about a brand, product, or service before taking the plunge. One place that they look for information is their favorite influencers’ feeds.

Instagram influencers often give people a way to get honest and authentic reviews. People can easily get the information they seek and can trust.

That’s because influencers are real people who like to have personal interactions with their followers. They are usually experts and really passionate about their niches and they make a business out of educating their followers.

Instagram influencers can effectively endorse a brand in their domain. They can help you:


Drive Engagement Through Conversations

Instagram influencers are experts in engaging their followers through relevant content. When they post something about a brand or product, the idea is to get people to ask questions about it.

When an influencer starts a conversation, it is up to them to keep the ball rolling. However, sometimes a single post isn’t enough. This is the reason why many brands leverage Instagram Stories to drive engagement through their influencer marketing campaigns.

Stories enable users to interact with the content and help influencers increase a brand’s visibility without being pushy about it. Stories also make it easier for influencers to create awareness about a new product launch or a new update.

While the main goal of influencer marketing is to get exposure and generate leads, you need to get more conversations using relevant Instagram hashtags flowing to make this happen. 

For this, it’s important to get a better understanding of not only the needs of your customers but their desires as well. Understanding their emotions can allow you to expand your market.

And influencers are pro at understanding their audiences in and out.

Therefore, partnering with an influencer can help you build genuine relationships with their audiences and develop brand loyalty.

You should choose the right influencers for your brand. In fact, we would like to add that it is easier to work with micro-influencers as they have smaller yet engaged followings.

Want to know more about influencer collaborations? Check out the infographic below, created by Fourstarzz Media to learn more about Instagram influencer marketing in 2020.


Instagram Influencer Marketing In 2020: What You Need to Know

Image Courtesy: Fourstarzz Media
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