Intentional Living Beyond Yourself by @LoreaSample


by Lorea M. Sample | Featured Contributor

“It’s not about you”, have you ever heard this saying before? With all that society and the today’s culture teaches us, it’s almost a foreign concept to think beyond yourself, especially if you’re anything like me, single and childless. You can go where you want to, come back when you want to, spend your money how you please, cook when you feel like it…the benefits are endless! Yes, there are benefits to it being “all about you”, but is there true fulfillment? Let’s explore this, shall we?

I’m a firm believer that we are all created and born into this world with a divine purpose. There’s something in our brief lifetime on earth that we are predestined to accomplish. I firmly believe that. I also believe that there are many people searching for what their purpose in life is, but they aren’t aware that’s what they’re doing. When you change careers frequently, you’re searching. When you lack passion for anything in life and are frustrated about it, you’re searching. When you constantly start something but never finish, you’re searching. Searching is by no means a bad thing and can be an indication that you’re going in the right direction because you’re unwilling to settle for the status quo.

Purpose is the one thing in life that we should all strive to discover because of one of the many benefits that comes with it: Intentional living beyond yourself. Intentional living with others in mind is where true fulfillment is found. When you experience your life transforming or touching another person’s life, expecting nothing in return, it is truly euphoric! To know that your life matters and has meaning because of the impact that it creates in the lives of others? Priceless. Purpose creates focus. Purpose creates direction. Purpose creates value. Purpose creates pure love for others. Not only do you have purpose, but everything that you do should have purpose and be intentional.

Let’s face it, life can be tough. It’s so easy to “make it about us” because of life circumstances. However, if we’ve discovered and are flowing in our purpose we can re-direct that energy to someone else who needs the gift of our existence to leave that abusive relationship, save their home from foreclosure, start that business that’s going to impact their community or to save their life. Intentionally living beyond yourself takes the focus off of you and puts it on someone else who needs you more than you in the moment. Don’t underestimate the power of your purpose, lives and destinies are depending on it. Live life intentionally beyond yourself.


Lorea SampleLorea M. Sample: The 411?: Grew up in Philadelphia, PA and now reside in Columbia, SC. In 2001 by a miracle, but mainly perseverance, I graduated from Clemson University and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. By day I’m an Engineer with a 10+ year career in Environmental Engineering BUT by PURPOSE I’m a Speaker & Entrepreneur in the Business of Worthiness with the mission to empower women of influence to get unstuck and accomplish more in life by UNlearning UNworthinessTM. A lot of things are learned but I help women live the UNlearned LifeTM through Speaking, Coaching, Events & Storytelling. I love kickboxing training (I’m dangerous!), running (well, kinda like jogging-walking-jogging), crocheting, participating in my local church and playing with my puppy-child, Alex, my adorable 5 year old yorkie-poo! If you wanna see how I roll on the regular, check me out on:

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